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Deadlier COVID Mutations Come From Countries Where AstraZeneca Trials Took Place

Inconvenient Fact: Deadlier COVID Mutations ALL Come From Countries Where AstraZeneca's Vaccine Trials Took Place

 12 March 2021 


The suspected more dangerous COVID mutations come from, of all places, the countries where AstraZeneca's vector vaccine ChAdOx1 underwent its Phase I testing between April and November 2020, UK, South Africa, Brazil:

Rather than write it all out for this article, I am providing the links to the original sources so folks can have confidence in the medical facts and science presented.

Mutations of more dangerous strains are caused by vaccines that do not achieve immunization; viruses actually mutate into more harmless variants, but if these are eradicated by vaccination with non-immunizing vaccines, more deadly strains prevail; such non-immunizing vaccines are called "leaky vaccines", in effect a "super virus" is bred.
Leaky Vaccines:

An example is Marek's disease in chickens:

Warnings from the scientific world respectively Coronavirus:

Circumstantial evidence that corona vaccines are "leaky vaccines:"

Next danger: Viral vectors (vector vaccines)
Scientists who are trying to vaccinate a population against an especially harmful virus sometime want to use what they call a "Viral Vector" -- a less harmful virus to carry DNA messages into the people being "protected."   They call this less-harmful virus a Virus Vector.   

In a Viral Vector vaccine is a "carrier virus" which is a primate adenovirus, non-species viruses as carriers of DNA into the nucleus of human cells.  These have special risks.

Normally called "gene therapy", these vector vaccines are highly experimental and potentially highly dangerous because unpredictable manipulations of our DNA occur via "insertional mutagenesis" and other mechanisms.

This is why there have been major hurdles associated with the approval of such gene therapies in the past, after many trials ended in cancer and other genetic disasters.

Vector vaccines have been shown to activate oncogenes in our DNA:

Adenovirus vectors manipulate our DNA:

Gene therapy is a vicious cycle:

Current in Denmark: Blood clots after vaccination with viral vectors, it's all known:

Cancer after test series with viral vectors:

Dangers are ignored:



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