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NATO Deployment over Black Sea


 28 April 2021


Busy morning over the Black Sea today.

It is perhaps the first time that we have seen so many NATO assets present in the area at the same time.

They are at work in the area:

  • Italian Air Force Gulfstream E.550 CAEW (reg. MM62303 – callsign IAM1495) departed Pratica di Mare AB
  • USN Lockheed EP-3E (reg. 161410 – callsign TR26?) departed Souda Bay AB
  • USN Boeing P-8A departed NAS Sigonella
  • Turkish Navy ATR C-72MPA (reg. TCB-751 – callsign MARTI49) departed NAS Izmit
  • NATO Global Hawk RQ-4D (reg. MMAVSA0016 – callsign MAGMA?) departed NAS Sigonella





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