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Odessa: A Model of Warfare On the Cheap

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,    … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


The attack in Odessa is, we are told, soon to be repeated. In today’s world, the planning of “isolated incidents of spontaneous violence” requires careful coordination. NATO hacking teams, US Embassy attaché’s, corrupt police officials and media, New York, London and Washington, all mysteriously are well informed.

What we are told is “civil discord” or even ethnic cleansing is, in reality, something else, something far more sinister and foreboding. The Pentagon has other names for it, asymmetrical warfare or low intensity conflicts. We call it “war on the cheap.”

Washington’s new war is all about collateral damage, more deaths to the dollars than “shock and awe.”

Last week’s incident in Odessa resulted in; we are told 46 dead, “smoke inhalation,” untrained thugs, butchery. None of this is true. A Veterans Today working group including top level former NATO intelligence officials has examined evidence, taken testimony and now renders an opinion.


Autopsy Results


A hard way to die

The cover up was infantile. Smoke inhalation, shooting and fire, no mention of rapes, no mention of staged ritual killings, no strangulations, no stabbings and mutilations, the results were manufactured.

No mention of chemical agents though the mutilated bodies and the dozens sources tell us were secretly removed tell a very different tale. This was savagery with a purpose.

The western press will never show the photograph of a pregnant woman, strangled with a phone cord around her neck, still at her desk, carefully staged, standing erect. Even the language alone describing other hideous scenes would be enough to trigger Google censors.

The photos and videos tell a different tale. Within hours, bodies were bloated and discolored, even where the surrounding area showed no sign of fire.

No weapons are seen, simply men and women in everyday civilian dress, no combat gear, no bulletproof vests, no helmets or ski masks. This was slaughter, carefully staged and executed. Clear efforts were made to disguise cause of death where no wounds could be found and no clear evidence of fire existed.

This was a NATO military operation, fully coordinated through the US Embassy in Kiev, one using nerve gas and done with full cooperation and support from local authorities. Sources among local law enforcement indicate that 94 additional bodies were removed, all showing signs of death from a chemical nerve agent, identified “probably” as VX. VX or one of a dozen or more derivatives of VX are available in grenade form.

Stockpiles of VX and other weaponized chemical warfare agents have been identified at a facility in Georgia near the airport at Tbilisi. Sources at that facility tell of Ukrainian Special Forces accessing chemical weapons there and, in particular, transporting Sarin into Turkey for, assumedly, delivery to NATO backed Al Qaeda forces.

Now that these weapons have been introduced, they will soon be used as they have been in Syria, false flag terrorism.


A New Kind of War

With the downgrading of America’s military capability and the battlefield survivability of both armored and helicopter assault units quickly coming to an end, Pentagon experts have devised a new standard for future conflicts.

There are to be no more wars, certainly not openly admitted as such, not as we have seen in the past. No masses of troops and tanks are to be put in harm’s way, no naval flotillas. Wars are to be carefully staged through manipulation of ethnic rivalries, staged false flag terrorism and always couched in tired “Cold War” terminology.


Hired hands

Instead of highly trained troops, “irregular” forces can flood into any conflict, poorly trained, unaccountable, often unpaid and purposefully barbaric.

There is no more need for the professional or even the “citizen solider.” Armed rabble, human refuse, this is where the armies of the future will be found, on street corners and prison yards.

Where legitimate political and social unrest exists, it is soon overwhelmed by a juggernaut of mercenary “freedom fighters” trained in Poland or Chechnya, Jordan or Turkey.

The new kind of war requires no victory, no land to be conquered, no enemy to be defeated. War is a justification in itself. The “new war” is a continual war, one that begins and knows no end, a plague without a cure.

The real enemy is peace. War is and always has been an end onto itself. It is only now that this fact is not only realized but described in theory and put into practice on a global scale. Were one to look at Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria, perhaps Sudan or the Democratic Republic of Congo, these wars, these “revolutions” are all the same, unending and “unendable.”

Israel learned this lesson long ago as they are 66 years into a war they plan to sustain forever.

The lessons of Iraq have been taken to heart in Washington. America learned that no matter how false a claim of use of chemical weapons may be, once the question is brought up, no matter how absent any real proof is, it can be kept alive through an endless stream of unfounded allegations that press “assets” are more than happy to disseminate.

<img class="size-large wp-image-302496" alt="Neither young or old were sparred ... and not a weapon in sight" src="" width="640" height="238" />

Neither young or old were sparred … and not a weapon in sight

Even more simply, as long as CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post can be controlled, and “forever” is an understatement, world leaders will, for the most part, remain silent, fearful of being cast in the role of “conspiracy theorist” or, worse yet, suffering the fate of Gaddafi or Chavez.

In truth, Washington has learned it can do anything and, as long as it can manipulate the United Nations and the International Court of Justice at The Hague, and “forever” is an understatement there as well, no act can be brazen enough to be considered a risk.

In short, all wars will be fought by civilians, ragtag militias, death squads, no more legless veterans selling pencils on street corners, no more military pensions; the new war is “war on the cheap.”

All that is required for a war is a target, a nation with something worth stealing and a will to steal it. The rest, staging an insurgency, a revolution, painting a legitimate elected government as an “axis of evil” is child’s play. What government has no opposition? What government is uncorrupted?

Every government is a target, including and, perhaps “especially,” the United States. When it catches fire, the world can stand back. America is seething with hatred “from sea to shining sea.”

What is so difficult for Americans to understand is when that day comes, and it is more “when” than “if,” the world may seem a bit safer, more secure.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans’ and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.


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