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Taliban Announces It Controls ALL Afghanistan Territory

Taliban Announces It Controls ALL Afghanistan Territory; US Scrambles to Flee - Helicopters Evac Embassy from Roof - Just Like Saigon in 1975

 15 AUGUST 2021   

The Taliban this morning announced it now controls ALL Territory of Afghanistan.  The US Embassy in Kabul is being evacuated by military helicopters in a scene like Saigon, Vietnam in 1975.  The Biden failure is full, complete, and absolute.  

In the last nine (9) days, 6 of 7 Afghan Army Corps have been lost: 203rd in Gardez, 205th in Herat, 207th in Kandahar, 209th in Mazar-i-Sharif, 215th in Helmand & 217th in Kunduz. Only one army corps remains; 201st in Kabul. 111th Division also in Kabul.

Last night alone, the following war fighting equipment supplied by the USA, was CAPTURED:

This morning began with a RUN ON BANKS as Afghanis tried to get money to flee the country.  Here is video of that Bank Run:



Traffic in the capital city of Kabul is . . . well . . . look, as these people try to flee:




On July 8, illegitimate President Joe Biden told the media "You will not see helicopters evacuating people from the roof of a U.S. Embassy."  

Below, see him say it yourself. On July 8, the media explicitly asked "President" Biden if Afghanistan would be taken over by the Taliban and he said "No."  Here is that press conference.



Oh, really?

This is the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, this morning: happens when an ILLEGITIMATE President is allowed to take office.



Joe Biden's Democrat Party stole the November, 2020, Presidential election.   They had help from the Governors and Secretaries of State in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and lower officials in Maricopa County, Arizona.  THIS humiliating defeat in Afghanistan is what that election fraud has gotten the rest of the country!

The USA spent almost twenty years battling in Afghanistan, and today, our failure is complete.

The war hawks who pushed this fiasco on us, should be identified and so publicly criticized, ridiculed, hounded, and belittled, they realize that suicide is the only way out for them.

The military brass who oversaw this loss, should be fired immediately, and should have to flee the United States in disgrace.

The Intelligence Community, CIA and DIA in particular, have shown themselves to be little more than functional retards.  Their utter incompetence allowed this to take place.

The United States of America under an illegitimate President, feckless military leaders and a retarded intelligence community, has now been humiliated in front of the entire world.

There is a silver lining to all this, though.  When those same government people try to impose mandatory or forced COVID vaccines, a COVID vaccine passport for interstate travel, or try to conduct round-ups to put Americans in Internment camps over COVID or vaccine status, the Taliban has shown Americans exactly how to defeat these government people if push comes to shove.


The Taliban didn't have either F-15's or nukes.  They took on the U.S. government just fine. 


BREAKING — The Afghan president Ghani is relinquishing power and an interim government led by Taliban is formed — Al Arabiya

Taliban is 2.6km from US embassy through main roads and less than 2 km to US embassy if bylanes are taken.

Taliban’s leader of political office, Mullah Baradar, heads to Afghanistan. He is expected to help to establish a transitional government — Al Arabiya.  (Baradar was in Qatar) 


Russia: The alarming situation in Afghanistan is the result of the failure of another experiment by Washington

China: Beijing WILL give full recognition to Taliban as legitimate government of Afghanistan.

Taliban Leadership enters Afghanistan Presidential Palace:

No way to sugar coat this fiasco, Trillions wasted.  Thousands of U.S. Troops injured and killed.

The people who allowed this to happen should kill themselves.


UPDATE 11:21 AM EDT --

US AMBASSADOR HAS LEFT THE EMBASSY IN KABUL. He and the flag are at the airport.

US repeats Saigon debacle with the same humiliation & more.

The only difference: 2 TRILLION DOLLARS & countless precious lives it extinguished on both sides before they fled with their tails between their legs.

Why? What was the logic of all this chaos?


The illicit trade in Heroin.

Prior to the Taliban taking over back around the year 2000, Afghanistan was the world's number one supplier of opium for the Heroin trade.  When the Taliban took over, with their devout Islamic beliefs, they drove the drug business almost completely out of the whole country.   Afghanistan opium output DROPPED 95-99%.  

That was when the USA went in, under the guise of grabbing Osama Bin Laden.

Within 18 months of the U.S. Invasion, Afghanistan Heroin output grew in leaps and bounds, right back to the world's Number ONE supplier.

There are numerous photos of U.S. Troops actually GUARDING the fields of Poppy plants to protect the opium growing in them.


Yep.  Heroin.

People in the West made hundreds of millions of dollars in the illicit drug trade.  Pockets were lined at all levels of government.   THAT's what this was about.  Drug money.

The US Government apparently wasn't happy being the worlds number one supplier of weapons, they also wanted to be the number one supplier of Heroin.

Lot of money in that powder. 

THAT is what our American government did.  THAT is what we as a nation, have descended to.



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