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Kabul Falling to Taliban; US Failure Worse than Saigon

Kabul Falling to Taliban; US Failure Worse than Saigon - US INTEL Totally Incompetent

 14 AUGUST 2021  


Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is already filling with literally thousands of Taliban fighters as U.S. Embassy Staff continue to burn documents in preparation for evacuation.  The fall of Kabul is the most significant failure of U.S. Military and Intelligence since the fall of Saigon, Vietnam.

What this failure seems to some people to show, is that the ENTIRE U.S. Intelligence Community, including the Defense Intelligence Agency, are little more than functional retards; and the Generals like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley, appear to be classic Dunning-Kruger Effect cretins.

As this story is written, it is 8:00 PM here in the New York City area, on Saturday, 14 August.

Just two short DAYS ago, Forbes Magazine ran a story headlined "Kabul Could Fall To The Taliban Within 90 Days, U.S. Intelligence Warns" --  Here's a screen shot of the Forbes story (link HERE):

Again, the story above came out TWO DAYS ago.   They reported the city COULD fall in 90 days.   90.   

Tonight, as of 8:00 PM Eastern US Time in NYC, it is 4:30 AM on Sunday in Kabul, Afghanistan.

At this hour, Intelligence circuits are ablaze with news that "Thousands of Taliban fighters have already entered Kabul and tens-of-thousands more, with artillery and heavy weapons, are just outside the city, coming in from the North, South and West.  The city looks as though it will fall TODAY."

So two days ago, it was 90 days and it COULD fall.  Now, TWO days later, the city IS falling.  Not 90 days.  Two days.

The U.S. began sending three thousand troops back to Afghanistan 24 hours ago.  Late last night, that figure was increased to five thousand.

The troops are going with the sole purpose of protecting the evacuation of U.S. Embassy Staff from Kabul.  We are also told tonight that Australia is deploying troops to assist the U.S. in the Kabul evacuation.

You know what this is?  It's another Saigon moment; just like when we lost the Vietnam War:

The last helicopter out of Saigon lands on the roof of the U.S. Embassy as the Communist Vietnamese conquered that Capital of South Vietnam.   

Embassy staff were so desperate to get out, they collapsed the steel staircase trying to get up to the helicopter:


This is what is now likely to take place in Kabul.

This gives so much Saigon vibes, north Vietnamese enter Saigon while the Americans are struggling to get their shit together . . .  similarly the Taliban are entering Kabul while the Americans are striving to get their shit together.   Unbelievable!   It's Vietnam all over again -- but worse.

Our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) have once again failed miserably. 

They knew the U.S. was pulling out of Afghanistan months ago.  Yet not one peep from them about the Taliban massing fighters, moving equipment, or planning in such detail that, once U.S. Troops began to leave, the Taliban was able to conquer fourteen cities within 2 weeks.

How did the Taliban plan this?  How did they move so many fighters un-noticed?  How did they move so much equipment un-noticed?   What method of communication have they been using to coordinate this offensive?   Why didn't US Intel know that the Governor and Police Chief of Ghazni Province were making a deal with the Taliban to flee and turn-over the city of 190,000 to the Taliban without a fight, on condition the Governor and Police Chief could be safely escorted OUT of the city BY THE TALIBAN, which is exactly what took place yesterday ???? The silence from the Intel Community is deafening.

Want to know WHY the silence is deafening?  Because the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the US Defense Intelligence Agency are little more than functional retards.  Yes, I just said that.  Those agencies employ people who are so utterly incompetent, such career-minded ass-kissers, that they either didn't know how to get proper Intel, or were afraid to present it for fear of pissing off their bosses. 

Oh, and the Brass, like General Milley at the Pentagon bear blame too.  Maybe if General Milley and his Joint Chiefs of Staff took their head out of their ass and stopped paying attention to that psyo-babble bullshit "Critical Race Theory" and "White Rage" they might have been able to spend time actually running a war operation in Afghanistan.  Instead, these "Generals" stood-by and allowed this crap to take place.


Of course, the Generals will offer their explanation of why they allowed this to take place, but few if any will understand.  It's not that we can't see their point of view; we've all tried to see their point of view.  We just can't get our head that far up our ass.

The proof is in front of the world to see.

Take a good look, America.  

Burns should be FIRED immediately then arrested for criminal negligence or some intelligence-related crime, and thrown in prison or Hung by his neck from a Government Gallows.

Ashley should be Court Martialed for Dereliction of Duty and, if convicted, he should be put in front of a firing squad and Executed.

In fact, we have complete confirmation that the Intel Community is directly to blame for this from their Commander-in-Chief just 36 DAYS ago:




As of 8:00 PM eastern US Time (NYC) it is about 4:30 AM Sunday morning in Kabul.

The Taliban have already cut electrical power to vast swaths of the capital city.

That "300,000 man Afghan Army" that Biden spoke about . . . is in full retreat through a darkened Kabul:



The video below shows vast swaths of the city in total darkness:



The entire US govt just got caught with their pants down in Afghanistan and the whole world can see it. This is a complete collapse of American credibility.

Say "Goodbye" to the tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for the US Military, their families too.

The US REFUSED to issue Visas so those people who helped us could get out of the country, and the people in Washington KNEW when they were doing and that that they WERE WRITING DEATH SENTENCES for each and every one of those people and their families when they did that.

A LOT of people in DC are going to have a LOT of Blood on their hands because of their INTENTIONALLY SENTENCING TO DEATH so many Afghans.

Hal Turner





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