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Biden and Harris evacuated to Area 51 on Saturday

Biden and Harris evacuated  to Area 51 on Saturday

09 JANUARY 2022  


With World War 3 lining up to kick off as early as this coming week, Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 both flew to Area 51, north of Las Vegas, and both planes returned Saturday afternoon, but no word on whether Biden and Harris were ON the return flights!



On Saturday, both Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 flew from Washington, DC to Area 51 in Nevada.   

Word from sources in Washington claim the President and Vice President were flown out there to be personally briefed  on  the  latest in top secret US weaponry, to be employed in any upcoming war with Russia.?? 

Such a visit by the sitting President and Vice President has never been done before.

Later on Saturday, both Air Force One and, later, Air Force Two, took off from Nevada on a return trip to Washington but as of Sunday morning, the actual location of the President and Vice President is  in question.


Apparently, they are thought to be safer in remote bunkers than in Washington, DC if nukes start flying!

The public is already aware that Biden has been using a sound stage "set" of  the White House to deliver press conferences while in Washington, DC.   An image of the phony White House sound stage with its phony windows, appears below:

That sound stage set could be used anywhere, to make it appear Biden was still in Washington, even if he is not.


Moreover, there are now additional claims that certain members of Congress and their families are, as of Sunday morning,  quietly being moved into their own bunkers.  

Alleged witnesses say black SUV's have been seen at the home addresses of certain Congressional members, loading suitcases for Congressional families, and then taking the members of Congress along with their families, quietly away -- perhaps to underground facilities as well.

As of 8:50 AM eastern US time Sunday, none of these rumors is yet confirmed.  The flight of both aircraft is confirmed but no proof that either Biden or Harris were actually on either of those planes.

If the President and Vice President have, in fact, been evacuated to remote Bunkers, then concerns about nuclear war with Russia may be a lot worse than any of us know.



This morning,  both Air Force One and Air Force Two . . .  stopped-over in . . . . DENVER, before heading to Las Vegas.

Beneath the Denver Airport is a vast "Continuity of Government" structure. 


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