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Kremlin Accuses U.S. of Being Behind Drone Attack

Kremlin  Accuses U.S. of Being Behind Drone Attack/Attempted Assassination of Putin

 04 MAY 2023  



The Kremlin has accused the US of being behind an "assassination attempt" on Vladimir Putin yesterday. 

According to President Vladimir Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Moscow is considering "various" options in response to the Wednesday morning drone attack on the Kremlin, which it accuses Ukraine of orchestrating "under the dictate of Washington."

Washington is "definitely" behind the alleged assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin yesterday, the Kremlin has said.

Moscow claimed two drones attempted to attack the Kremlin, but were disabled and failed to cause any damage.

Russia has multiple response options, it said, but declined to comment on whether Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a legitimate target.

The Kremlin claimed the US was selecting the targets and Ukraine was merely implementing American plans, without providing evidence. 

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications, called accusations from Russia that the US directed Ukraine to carry out an alleged Kremlin drone attack and assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin "ridiculous."

For Kyiv and Washington to try to disown the incident was "absolutely ridiculous", the Kremlin said.

Mr. Zelenskyy has denied that Kyiv had anything to do with the incident.

Some experts have suggested Moscow itself could have created the incident as a false flag operation, intended to boost Russian support for the war.

Moscow warns of 'imminent and inevitable punishment' for alleged drone attack.

“Moscow is considering a variety of options for responding to the Ukrainian attack on the Kremlin, we can only talk about well-thought-out steps that correspond to the interests of the country. The attack of Ukrainian drones on the Kremlin is now being investigated.


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