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Russian steel fist in Donetsk: Large number of T-14 "Armata" surprise attacks on Ukrainian positions

Russian steel fist in Donetsk: Large number of T-14 "Armata" surprise attacks on Ukrainian positions and targets - Confirmation WarNews247

Official confirmation from Russia!






The Russian Ministry of Defense dropped a "bomb" by officially announcing that the new T-14 Armata had unexpectedly hit Ukrainian targets in the Donetsk region!

WarNews247 has repeatedly reported the arrival of state-of-the-art tanks on the Donbas fronts.

It is the first official report of the participation of a large number of - as the Russians said - T-14 Armata in Ukraine.

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Russian Ministry of Defense: "T-14s participated in operations in Ukraine" 

An information source of the Russian Ministry of Defense told the Russian state news agency TASS that units of the Battle Group "South" deployed the new T-14 Armata tanks and took part in operations against Ukrainian targets and positions.

Another source of information of the TASS agency stated that the T-14 Armata have already been put into operational operation and in service with units of the Southern Military District, however, the necessary tests of the tanks have not been stopped.

A few months ago there were some reports from RIA Novosti that "new generation tanks have been deployed in Ukraine, "but they have not yet participated in direct attack operations."

Earlier this year, WarNews247 had revealed the presence of the new tanks at a military base in southern Russia, where they are being used for training activities.

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"Several T-14 Armata units took part in the battle - Hit Ukrainian positions"

In particular, the Russians claimed that many T-14 tanks participated in combat in order to see "first-hand" the tank's performance and effectiveness, and then were withdrawn from the front line.

"The "South" troop group used the state-of-the-art Russian T-14 Armata tanks in the special military operation zone," a  source from the military-industrial complex told TASS. According to the same source, several tanks took part in the battle.

"The Armata was used by the "South" troop group in the hostilities in the direction of Donetsk.

Many units participated in the battle to see how the tank would perform. They then withdrew from the front.

All the necessary tests of the T-14 tank are still in progress,"  said the source of the agency.

“At the end of April, the Russian army began using T-14 Armata tanks in the zone of operations. "Armata" was used to hit Ukrainian positions," Russian sources said.

This information is also confirmed by another Russian source.

At the moment, the main tanks of the Russian troops are still the T-72B3, T-80BV and T-90M.

Together with the T-14 Armata they constitute an incomparably powerful "steel fist".



Characteristics of the T-14 Armata

The T-14 Armata is a tank with an unmanned turret. It is equipped with a 1500-2000 hp diesel engine, a 125-mm gun which is controlled by remote control from the personnel gel as well as the missiles.

It also features an additional 30 mm autocannon with selective ammo supply, a 7.62-mm PKTM machine gun, and two twin 'Cornet' ATGM launchers.

It has a crew of three, autocannon, remote-controlled machine guns, new frontal armor up to 1400 RHA, active countermeasures against anti-tank missiles, passive countermeasures against laser beams, low combat profile, high speed, ability to destroy enemy targets with the cannon from a distance of 8,000 meters and reinforced anti-mine floor.

This tank aspires to be a benchmark for the construction of all future tanks.

"The tank has a number of unique features: it is equipped with a new generation of active protection complex 'afganit', capable of intercepting anti-tank missiles while it has the world's first electrodynamic armor known as 'Malakhit' capable of intercepting anti-tank missiles before them hit the tank," Russian media reported.

See in the following video the capabilities of the T-14 Armata.

How many T-14 "Armata" the Russian army has is unknown, as there is no official information however, their estimated number may be around 30 units. 



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