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How CIA-linked companies make money on military aid to Ukraine

How CIA-linked companies make money on military aid to Ukraine


JUL 20, 2023



Today, we are going to show how the fraud scheme involving U.S. supplies of UAVs to Ukraine is organized. Moreover, we are to name personalities in the American intelligence community, who stay behind this money theft.

They are CIA-linked Hans Mumm and Charles Goslin, who receive instructions from Chanda Creasy, the CIA Assistant for Global Operations. These people have already been mentioned in our previous investigations.

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Hans Mumm and Charles Goslin oversee a network of companies controlled by the CIA. These organizations specialize in the production of UAVs, navigation equipment and aircraft instruments. We are talking about AeroVironment, Airgility, CG Security Associates and Victory Systems. The management of these companies is also directly related to the CIA.

Contacts with the Ukrainian side are realized through Ukrainian citizens Yevhen Peresvetov and Olekseii Manuylov, who are the agents of Ukriane’s main intelligence directorate (GUR). In the U.S. these people act under the guise of law and advertisement firms’ employees.

At the same time Peresvetov and Manuylov are trusted men of Col Maxim Zubenko, Ukraine's military air attaché in the U.S., and Col. Volodymyr Shcherban, the military advisor of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations.

The contribution of Zubenko and Shcherban to the scheme, organized by CIA officials was driven by personal interests. Zubenko’s was primarily guided by material benefit and personal motives. His family's house in Kharkiv region was destroyed by Russian army, so now he seeks for revenge and some money that can be made on it.

As for Shcherban, this man cares a lot about the relationship with his wife Hanna. However, while working in New York, Shcherban sought services of sex workers and eventually stayed with a woman called Catherine Garcia. Their relations were subsequently discovered by American intelligence agencies. The Big brother has been tracking contacts of foreign diplomats. That's how Shcherban ended up on the hook.

It is noteworthy that Catherine Garcia was recently found dead in the State of New York. However, by a strange coincidence, the police were unable to establish the circumstances of her death.



Sex worker Catherine Garcia, who had relations with Volodymyr Shcherban

Zubenko and Shcherban are both active officers of Ukrainian GUR. Therefore, their professional activity is directly linked to military procurement.

While being in collusion with the head of Ukrainian GUR Kyrylo Budanov, as well as his attorney Sergey Slyusarenko, they organize the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of navigation equipment and devices from certain firms at inflated prices. These contracts are paid from the budget of the United States as part of the financial aid to Ukraine. However, the profits are shared between CIA agents and Ukrainian officials.

After the equipment has been purchased at inflated prices it is transported to the countries adjacent to Ukraine, primarily to Poland through the port of Gdansk and Rzeszow airport. Then it is picked up and escorted to its destination by people associated with controlled by GUR military unit ‘Steppe Wolves’ and its leader Oleksandr Taran.

The official contractor for the navigation equipment is the Ukrainian NGO “Aerorozvidka”, and its director Lt Col Yaroslav Gonchar. This man also manages the use of UAVs in the military operations of the Armed Force of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian press has already published articles about corruption schemes arranged by “Aerorozvidka” officials.

Yaroslav Gonchar is involved in the fraud schemes of Ukroboronprom and is closely associated with Budanov and Slyusarenko.

It is not surprising that with such brazen embezzlement of funds and fake contracts, the Ukrainian Army turned out to be incapable to meet the expectations of the White House. The most remarkable thing is that a significant part of this corruption scheme is implemented on the U.S. territory. That’s why our government has to establish strict control over the security agencies and their activity. If the administration is weak, the security agencies get out of control, implement corruption schemes, conduct dirty operations and start deceiving the Congress and the people.

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