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The Israeli Army Surprised Again – Hamas Reinforced with Airborne (!) Forces

Massacre in Magen & Shderot: The Israeli Army Surprised Again – Hamas Reinforced with Airborne (!) Forces and Launched a Counterattack in Ashkelon-Ashdod-Saad

The whole of the Israeli Army is on a war footing - Warehouses with old Merkava have been opened

08/10/2023 -



Heavy fighting continues in southern Israeli settlements with Hamas again taking the Israeli Army by surprise and in some locations reinforcing its forces by launching counter-attacks.

More than 24 hours after the attack by Hamas, the Israeli Army is unable to fully control the situation and respond to this asymmetric attack it receives.

Incredible, unimaginable, things are happening in Israel for one of the best armies in the world.

In particular, Hamas strengthened its forces in Saad by landing airborne (!) forces while in Magen forces of the Islamic organization Al Qassam ambushed Israeli forces resulting in their deaths.

Fierce fighting is taking place north of Ashkelon, on the Ashkelon-Ashdod highway, where Hamas forces also penetrated by sea.

Clashes are also taking place in Magen, Be'eri and Kafr Aza as Hamas reportedly sends more reinforcements.

Hamas claims that its forces are operating within 10 km (!) of the West Bank.

An Israeli military correspondent reported that “The IDF is now deploying large numbers of units north into the Galilee. The pace of the build-up is reportedly greater than in southern Israel near the Gaza border."

Other sources state the following:

"Hamas has re-entered the Kibbutz Magen settlement. According to reports 20 paratroopers entered the settlement, fighting continues.

Heavy fighting rages in Kisufim with house-to-house fighting.

An hour ago, Hamas fighters entered the settlements of Shokenda, Beeri, Nahal Oz, Saad and Kfar Azza.

Some Hamas fighters were able to infiltrate beyond Israeli lines and advanced along Highway 4 where they clashed with Israeli forces around Mavki'im and east of Ashkelon, where Hamas forces were finally killed after hours of fighting ".

Fierce fighting takes place around Zikim. Israel has repelled land/sea attacks along the Zikim beach and is trying to regain lost positions around the Zikim military base."

Watch video of the fighting in Southern Israel









Netanyahu Triggers Article 40 - Large Tank and Artillery Buildup in Gaza and Galilee

In a new move indicative of the warlike atmosphere prevailing in Israel after the surprise attack by Hamas, which has plunged the country into mourning with at least 600 dead, Netanyahu activated Article 40 of the Israeli constitution which gives complete freedom of movement to the Army, which has the "free" for large-scale military operations.

What does article 40 say

The state can start a war only after a government decision.

Notification of the Government's decision to initiate war under the provision of subsection (a) shall be submitted to the Knesset (Parliament of Israel) Foreign Affairs and Security Committee as soon as possible - the Prime Minister will also inform the full Knesset as soon as possible - notification regarding the military actions referred to in subsection (b) shall be given to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee as soon as possible.

Benjamin Netanyahu was given the go-ahead to take military action against the Palestinians, which could lead to war, the cabinet gave Saturday night.

The Council's authorization to Netanyahu reflects the Israeli prime minister's public statements of a "tough response to the enemy" and will allow him to order major military operations in the Gaza Strip.

The cabinet statement will be submitted to the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Security Committee for approval tomorrow, and later the Israeli prime minister will also have to announce the move before the Knesset's plenary session.

Also on Monday, the Commission will retroactively ratify the government's decision on the extensive mobilization of reserves and the decision to declare a special situation on the home front.

Watch video








See on the maps the infiltration of the Islamists of Hamas in Southern Israel

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