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Hamas: All-out battle has begun - The front will be expanded

Hamas: All-out battle has begun - The front will be expanded - Mass launch of 150 surface-to-surface missiles against Tel Aviv! (video)

Iron Dome activated

08/10/2023 -



The Palestinian organization Hamas launched a rocket storm with 150 rockets towards Tel Aviv, citing Israel's attack on the Palestine Tower in Gaza.

So far Hamas is estimated to have fired close to 2,700 rockets when in the 2021 war they fired 4,300 in 11 days!

Hamas said in a Telegram post that this was done in " response to the bombing of the residential tower in the center of Gaza City."

Sirens and loud explosions were heard throughout Tel Aviv a short time ago, according to CNN reporters there.

Sirens sound in Rehovot, Nes Ziona, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ramat Gan, Yavneh, Rishon Leziom, Givatagim, Ramat Hasharon, Petah Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Bnei Brak, Givat Shmuel, Beer Yaakov, Ramla, Holon, Mikve Israel , Bat Yam.

In the meantime, the death toll has risen dramatically in the Gaza Strip, with Israeli casualties reaching 200 and the wounded 1,100.

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Hamas: We have started a total battle!

"All scenarios are now possible and we are ready for an [Israeli] ground invasion," Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri said, adding that Israel planned to launch an attack on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

He also told Al Jazeera that the group has captured "a large number" of Israelis.

He added that "senior officers" were among them.

We started a total battle

“It was not a sabotage type strike.

We started an all-out battle.

We expect the fighting to continue and the battle front to expand.

We have one primary goal: our freedom and the freedom of our holy places ," he said.

Arouri said Palestinians have a right to freedom, to fight Israeli occupation and to protect their holy sites.

"We will continue to fight until we are rewarded with victory, freedom and independence," he said.
Struggle in Gaza over Israeli strike

In Gaza, at the same time, people rushed to buy supplies in anticipation of the clashes to come.

Some evacuated their homes and headed for shelters.

Hamas "predicts a great victory" against Israel 

"We are close to achieving a great victory," Ismail Haniya, the leader of the Palestinian armed group Hamas, said this afternoon after the group's military offensive against Israel.

"Enough is enough, the cycle of uprisings and revolutions for the struggle to liberate our land and our prisoners (…) inside (Israeli) prisons must be completed," Haniya said in remarks broadcast by Al-Aqsa TV . Hamas TV network.

Addressing the Arab countries he said that Israel cannot offer them any protection.

He stressed that armed Palestinian factions intend to expand the ongoing battle in Gaza to the West Bank and Jerusalem. " The battle has gone to the heart of the Zionist entity," he said.

Hamas operational leader and founder of the organization's Qassam military wing, Salah al-Arouri, said the group is holding enough Israelis captive to force Israel to release all Palestinian prisoners in its prisons.

Another reason the organization is holding dozens of Israeli captives is mainly to prevent the Israeli army's ground operations on Gaza territory, adding that it has placed them in tunnels deep under Gaza.

Hamas's military wing today released a video showing at least three visibly frightened men in plainclothes being held by a group of gunmen with blurred faces, claiming to be "enemies" captured during the morning's attack by the group. against Israel.

"Images of (members of) al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas' armed wing) capturing several enemy soldiers during the battle (operation) 'al-Aqsa Cataclysm,'" reads a sentence in black background at the beginning of the video that has no sound.

In the background are signs in Hebrew indicating that the video was filmed on the Israeli side of the Erez crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

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