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Towards a generalized war Israel-Hezbollah & Iran

Towards a generalized war Israel-Hezbollah & Iran - Statement by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Netanyahu: "Forget Gaza for the next 50 years - Let the civilians go"

"We will level every part of this evil city"



The Middle East is moving at full speed towards a generalized war between Israel and Hezbollah and Iran after the statements of the Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, and Prime Minister M. Netanyahu.

Hezbollah has already informed Egypt that if the Israelis carry out their threats then a generalized conflict is the only way. In fact, Cairo was asked to mediate in order to moderate the Israeli response.

However, such a thing seems impossible at this stage.

An Israeli minister, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Israeli media outlet Ynet that there was a risk that the attacks by Hamas were aimed at distracting attention in the face of an attack from the north.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah said it was "in direct contact with the leadership of the Palestinian Resistance and conducting a continuous assessment of events and the progress of operations with them."

Her forces are gathering at the border as you can see below.

"Forget the Gaza you knew"

In his speech the Minister of Defense of Israel Yoav Gallant (black attire and background as a sign of mourning, only the flag can be seen) said:

"We will change the reality on the ground in Gaza for the next 50 years. What was before will be no more.

We will try with full force".

"Today we saw the face of evil. Hamas [terrorist organization] launched a brutal attack on the citizens of the State of Israel – attacking men, women, children and the elderly, indiscriminately.

Hamas will realize very quickly that it made a mistake – a serious mistake, and it will pay a [heavy] price.

Fifteen years ago, as Chief of the Southern Command, I came close to "breaking the neck" [destroying] Hamas.

I was stopped by the political echelon. This phenomenon will not continue. We will change the reality on the ground in Gaza for the next 50 years.

What was before will be no more. We will be operating at full capacity.

I ask the citizens of Israel to remain resolute and support our security forces."


Netanyahu: Get out of Gaza!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his first public statement after the launch of rockets by Hamas, shortly after US President Joe Biden's message, in which he expressed his unwavering support for Israel.

Netanyahu vowed to defeat Hamas but stressed that the war would take time.

"Women, children and the elderly have been killed, while people have also been captured," he stressed.

We will target all Hamas locations in Gaza and its leaders.

The army is now regaining control of the last settlements the militants entered.

I appeal to the people of the Gaza Strip – get out of there now, we will go anywhere.

We will level every part of this evil city, where Hamas terrorists are hiding.

Civilians, leave Gaza immediately.

The Israeli military will use all means at its disposal to destroy Hamas.

"What happened today has never happened before in Israel. We will take revenge for this dark day," he emphasized.

"The Israeli military will immediately use all its forces to disable Hamas' capabilities. We will beat them to death, we will avenge them for the dark day they have brought upon the State of Israel and its citizens,” he continued.






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