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US Goes to War: USAF Ordered to Bomb Hezbollah and Iranian Militias

US Goes to War: USAF Ordered to Bomb Hezbollah and Iranian Militias - Israel Hastily Develops 'Iron Beam' Laser System

Americans and Germans leave Israel - Israeli ground operation begins tonight

14/10/2023 - 21:05




Rapid developments were triggered by the threats of the Iranian foreign minister as the US Army, according to what is reported by Israeli media, undertakes to neutralize Hezbollah and the Iranian militias.

If that happens, it won't be long before Iran enters the war as well.

According to major Israeli media reports, US Defense officials have assured the Israeli government that US warships in the Eastern Mediterranean will enter the war and shoot down missiles fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon.

Meanwhile, US forces across the Middle East will target a number of pro-Iranian groups in Syria and Iraq if this escalates into a regional conflict.

Of course, this will cause massive attacks on US bases in Syria, Iraq by Shiite forces.

All US air bases in the Middle East are on high alert, which WarNews247 has revealed have been reinforced with F-15 and A-10 Squadrons.

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A USAF Boeing RC-135V Rivet Joint aircraft was recently spotted flying over the Mediterranean Sea, near the coast of the Gaza Strip

The fear of Hezbollah's involvement in the war is widespread in Israel. For this reason the Israeli Army is developing for the first time the "Iron Beam" laser defense system in order to strengthen Air Defense throughout the country.

The Iron Beam system will act as a short-range air defense system of Israel's Integrated Missile Defense System and shoot down incoming missiles, drones, artillery shells and mortars.

The system according to the Israelis is not even ready. It was supposed to enter service in a few years. But it seems that the Israeli Army is throwing all weapon systems into battle, even the prototypes, for fear of a general war.

The IDF spokesman confirmed what WarNews247 reported yesterday:

"The military is ready to strike anywhere in the Middle East if necessary. The US stands by Israel”

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Americans and Germans leave 

A while ago, the US approved the departure of non-emergency personnel from the embassy in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv " due to the unpredictable security situation in Israel" . Their families also leave with them.

At the same time, the Germans are also leaving. The German Air Force "Luftwaffe" is finally starting to evacuate civilians from Israel, BILD reported

Two German transport planes are heading to Israel to pick up German citizens. At the same time, Germany is putting the 26th Airborne Brigade, powerful paratrooper units, the 36th Combat Helicopter Regiment and the Luftwaffe on high alert for possible additional military evacuation operations, Spiegel points out.



The Israeli ground operation begins tonight

Earlier, the IDF spokesman warned Hezbollah saying that “Israel has massed huge military forces on the Lebanese front. Anyone who approaches the border will die."

Israel's Channel 12 reported that the ground invasion of Gaza will begin tonight.

"The IDF completes preparations for the invasion of Gaza: forces await the order to enter. Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Defense chiefs at the Headquarters in Tel Aviv for final decisions," Israeli media reported.

The IDF confirmed that it is finalizing preparations for a "major ground operation" in Gaza and is ready to "expand the offensive" by implementing "a wide range of offensive operational plans" through a "joint and coordinated attack by air, sea and land."

"We are preparing for a large-scale operation in Gaza," says the army

"Israeli army battalions and soldiers are being deployed across the country and are ready for the next stages of the war, with an emphasis on a major ground operation ," the statement said.

Israeli forces massed around the Palestinian enclave are "preparing for the next phase of operations ," army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said earlier.

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