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Black flag on Razavi Shrine : Islam is going to all-out war

Black flag is risen on Razavi Shrine - Islam is going to all-out war

 17 OCTOBER 2023  


With the bombing of Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which killed over 1000, and is being BLAMED on Israel and the U.S., the black flag is risen on Razavi Shrine in Mashhad, Khorasan province, Iran, shown above.  This is in Islamic Scripture!

"When the black flags come from Khorasan go to them, even if you have to crawl on snow, for among them is the Khalifa from Allah, the Mahdi"

— Abd al-‘Alim in al-Mahdi al-Muntazar

In the image below, a workman raises the Black flag atop the Shrine:

This is a Scripture-based (Qur'an) call to all of Islam for War.

As far as I know this is the sign of alert to the people of Mashad, Iran that coming days might be hard so be prepared to fight any circumstances. Imam Reza (a) shrine is the center of attention and respect to all living in Iran & so any major announcements are done there.



Even the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi has spoken of it: "The flames of US-Israeli bombs dropped tonight on innocent Palestinians being treated for injuries in Gaza's hospital will soon engulf the Zionists. No free human being’s silence is permissible in the face of such a war…"

So far the Governments of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Qatar have all Blamed the Israeli Air Force for the Explosion at Al-Ahli Arab Baptist Hospital.

The group Hezbollah, blaming Israel and the USA, has called for a "Day of Rage worldwide, tomorrow:



The call for war has been heard.

Istanbul; the Israeli Embassy is being stormed:



Beirut, Lebanon:



Barcelona, Spain:




Hundreds of vehicles are heading to the Kürecik Radar Base in Malatya-Turkey, where US soldiers are stationed:



At the base already, thousands of protesters are being hit with Tear Gas by police, trying to stop them from storming the base:



Back at the scene of the hospital blast:



From U.S. Military Experts with whom I have spoken, the GENERAL CONSENSUS IS:

1) It was well known that Hamas had operations and weapons storage areas in the sub-basement of this hospital, and tunnels connected to it. CBS "60 Minutes" even did a segment talking about it in the late 2000's.

2) The Israeli's gave notice and warning that this hospital was going to be targeted well in advance.

3) Rockets were launched against Israel shortly before the bomb arrived from the very spot it hit.

General consensus is that it was hit by a US JDAM. the arrival sound is unique.

Question is, who fired it? Israel or the US Navy?


"It was a JDAM"



Foreign Minister: "Time is up"

Tonight, Iran's Foreign Minister told assembled media "Time is up."

Hal Turner Remarks:   Folks, this is shaking me to my very core.  I now believe Peace has been taken from the whole earth.  I earnestly hope YOU have prepared.  I suspect and deeply fear, this shockwave of anger will reverberate around our entire planet.  NONE of us is safe.

Get right with God.  Clean your guns.  Zero their sights.  Prepare mentally.  There is no telling WHERE this anger will erupt, or who will be attacked when it does.  YOU must be ready to protect yourself, your family, and your property against all who would do you harm.

DO NOT INITIATE VIOLENCE.  Merely prepare, mentally and physically, to do what must be done in the event you are attacked.



As shown in the video below, United Nations Peacekeeper forces in Lebanon, UNIFIL, are URGENTLY evacuating all their bases.  Word on the ground over there is that full scale war begins tonight.



Rage is already spinning out of control   The video below is from Tehran, Iran at 3:00 AM their time, which was 7:00 PM eastern US time:



Baghdad, Iraq:



Cairo, Egypt:




***** FLASH *****

Embassies Under Attack - 8:43 PM EDT

Attacks are currently being reported at:

- Israeli Embassy in Turkey  

- Israeli Embassy in Jordan  

- US Embassy in Lebanon  

-  Embassy in Iraq  

- French Embassy in Iran  

- British Embassy in Iran 

 Iran’s govt declares tomorrow, Wednesday, a day of mourning across the country, strongly condemns the attack on a hospital in Gaza, urges Muslim countries to sever ties with Israel and expel its ambassadors.




UPDATE 11:01 PM EDT --

As mentioned on my radio show, I have just gotten back from the Bank ATM, where I withdrew some cash.   It seems to me the way things are going, there's really no telling what may begin to take place here in the US now that we are being blamed along side Israel, for the hospital attack and deaths.   I worry there may be actual terror attacks upon us; and who the heck would know where?  Or when?   Or WHAT?  

Maybe there could be CYBER ATTACKS that maybe take out some banks; or all the banks.  I just don't know.   

So I figure having some cash on hand is better than not having it, so I went out after my show tonight and got some.  I think you should too. 

A few days from now, as we get to see how this shakes out, we can always put the cash back in.   Better to have it, and not need it, than to need it and not have it.


Resuming some updates, now:

The Iran Embassy in Syria is repeating the words of their Foreign Minister: "Time is up."   HOWEVER . . .  please note their posting is in . . . . HEBREW!



Protesters launching fireworks at Israeli Embassy, Istanbul:



***** BULLETIN *****

Iran foreign minister warns 'preemptive action' against Israel expected within hours:




For what it's worth, at 7:00 PM EDT tonight, UN Sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile and drone program expired (7pm ET, 12am GMT).

Iran can now legally buy an ICBM from China or sell missiles/drones to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Russia.






U.S. evacuating ALL non-essential personnel from Lebanon


UPDATE 11:22 PM EDT --

Sergeant-at-Arms for United States House of Representatives announces increased security at US Capital:



Jordan's King says what happened at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital is a 'massacre' and 'war crime', with the conflict entering a dangerous phase that could drag the region into a 'catastrophe'.



U.S. Embassies being "Over-run"





Ottawa preparing for possible evacuations from Lebanon but warning Canadians to leave now


Live Updates now TERMINATED for this story 11:40 PM EDT.  Good night.

Arab Leaders Refuse To Meet Biden As Protests Rage Around The World After Gaza Hospital Strike

Zero Hedge

WEDNESDAY, OCT 18, 2023 - 01:20 AM

Update (2100ET): Wednesday is shaping up as quite a global day of rage as the following series of clips from major cities around the world demonstrates.















* * *

Update(1820ET): As expected, the fallout from the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital bombing has been swift, with a domino effect of negative consequences both for diplomacy and on the 'Arab street'. The situation outside the US Embassy in Beirut is deteriorating tonight, with reports of riot police and tear gas being deployed against large crowds waving Hezbollah flags. 

But more importantly, and just as Air Force One is departing Washington for Israel, the White House has canceled the entire leg of Biden's trip to Jordan. The confirmation was issued within the same hour that Arab leaders announced they were unwilling to meet with Biden, given the US is Israel's biggest funder and supporter.

Biden issued a statement "deepest condolences" to victims of Gaza "hospital explosion," according to the White House official statement:

After consulting with Jordan King Abdullah II & in light of the days of mourning announced by Palestinian Authority President Abbas, President Biden will postpone his travel to Jordan and the planned meeting with these two leaders and Egypt President Sisi.

The President sent his deepest condolences for the innocent lives lost in the hospital explosion in Gaza, and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

So even before arriving in Israel, the Tuesday massacre - which Israel is actually blaming on Palestinian militants (specifically PIJ) - has effectively served to box-in Biden. France's Macron has just issued a condemnation to boot, saying "nothing can justify targeting civilians" in a statement which appears to place blame squarely on the Israelis. Biden will now also face the pressure to join the chorus of international condemnation. "International humanitarian law is binding on all and must enable the protection of civilian populations. Humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip must be opened up without delay," the French foreign ministry said in the statement.

Here's what Jordan had to say:

"There is no point in doing anything at this time other than stopping this war,” Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on Al Jazeera Arabic early Wednesday morning. “There is no benefit to anyone in holding a summit at this time."

There are emerging reports that crowds are attempting to storm the US Embassy in Beirut, based on unconfirmed but widely circulating footage overnight (local time): 

Also, things continue popping off around the Israeli Embassy in Jordan...

According to one US special forces veteran, now journalist:

* * *

Update(1610ET): The IDF, and PM Netanyahu have weighed in on the Gaza hospital bombing, which killed and injured hundreds: 

Tal Heinrich, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN Tuesday that the "IDF does not target hospitals," adding, "we only target Hamas strongholds, arms depots and terror targets."

Heinrich's comments came after Palestinian officials said that preliminary estimates indicate between 200 to 300 people were killed in an Israeli strike on the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.

The IDF issued a statement based on a preliminary investigation, claiming that it was an errant missile fired from within Gaza itself. The IDF alleges that Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired the rocket in a "failed shooting" that was intended for Israel.

"According to intelligence information, from several sources we have, the Islamic Jihad [PIJ} terrorist organization is responsible for the failed shooting that hit the hospital," the IDF statement said, as it appeared in English on the Government of Israel's "X" account. PIJ responds:


The international reaction has been swift, especially from regional heads of state, with Turkey's Erdogan and Jordan's King Abdullah being among the first to condemn the "war crime" and "massacre". Abdullah said no one can be "silent" about it.

Large evening protests have not only erupted in towns across the West Bank, especially in Ramallah, but in Arab capitals from Tunisia to Amman. There are fresh reports that Israel's embassy in Jordan is coming under attack. Large groups of demonstrators have also been seen headed toward the US Embassy in Beirut.

Intifada 3.0?... but with signs this could spread across the Arab world in wake of the al-Ahli Hospital bombing in Gaza City:

Scenes from Amman, again which could spread to many other countries as the Palestinian death toll continues to rise:

Meanwhile, in more breaking news...


Will this event be the spark that sets the whole region on fire? Whether what Israel is claiming is true or not, we may be witnessing the first rumblings...

President Biden is on his way to Israel in Air Force One as all of this is escalating fast.

Already, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has canceled a scheduled meeting with Biden, citing the "cold-blooded massacre".

And in additional breaking news: Russia and the UAE have called for an extraordinary UN Security Council meeting after the strike on the hospital in Gaza, per Tass.

* * *

Update(1400ET): Horrific reports of a mass casualty bombing are emerging from Gaza, where a hospital suffered direct hit reportedly by Israeli airstrikes. Gaza's health ministry has said there are at least 500 casualties in the aftermath of the hospital blast, with "hundreds of victims" buried under the rubble. Gaza sources also say that a UN-run school housing refugees was attacked.

Initially, local emergency officials said there were at least 200 killed in the mid-evening bombing of al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, but the count has been steadily rising. Now, per Al Jazeera: "The health ministry in the Gaza Strip says at least 500 people have been killed in an Israeli attack on al-Ahli Arab Hospital."

Graphic scenes are emerging...

Photographs are circulating of bodies scattered (intentionally blurred) outside of burning hospital wings:

This humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding as President Biden is en route to Israel. Likely many of the victims of the hospital attack were women and children.

Certainly this greatly raises the pressure and the stakes for Biden, as the White House will have to 'answer' for this as Israel's most powerful ally. No doubt the US administration is scrambling to prepare for how it will respond.

* * *

At this point, exchanges of fire between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and militants in south Lebanon, especially Hezbollah, have become a daily occurrence - and yet still a full assault from Hezbollah has been avoided. Many analysts have speculated that Israel could be holding off its expected major ground invasion of Gaza precisely to avoid provoking a 'northern front' from opening up.

But there are continuing signs the situation is sliding toward that feared two-front scenario, as the IDF has initiated a plan to evacuate all civilians who live within two kilometers of the Lebanese border. They said the repeat rocket and mortar fire make it necessary, also in preparation for potential greater military action. 

The country's National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) will oversee transferring of Israeli civilians to state-funded guesthouses. In total a whopping 28 towns and communities will be evacuated.

Israeli army Merkava tanks, file image via AFP/Getty

NEMA has listed them out as follows: Ghajar, Dishon, Kfar Yuval, Margaliot, Metula, Avivim, Dovev, Ma’ayan Baruch, Bar’am, Manara, Yiftah, Malkia, Misgav Am, Yir’on, Dafna, Arab al-Aramshe, Shlomi, Netu’a, Ya’ara, Shtula, Matat, Zar’it, Shomera, Betzet, Adamit, Rosh Hanikra, Hanita and Kfar Giladi.

Many of these in the last several days saw residents flee due to rocket fire from the other side of the border.

Hezbollah has issued new claims it has destroyed an IDF tank and other military assets. Already both sides have taken on a few casualties. 

"Hezbollah carried out a number of attacks yesterday in order to try to divert our operational efforts [away from the Gaza Strip], under the direction and backing of Iran, while endangering the state of Lebanon and its citizens," an IDF spokesman had said Monday.

"We have increased our forces on the northern border and will respond aggressively to any activity against us," the IDF said. "If Hezbollah dares to test us, the reaction will be deadly. The United States is giving us full backing."

Dozens of rockets have been launched from Hezbollah positions in the last days. Israel has in response shelled militant positions in Lebanon, but has also hit Lebanese residential areas, prompting people in the area to flee.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah announced that its fighters launched an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) at a gathering of Israeli soldiers, which the group said resulted in "a number of casualties".

Meanwhile, Hezbollah's main state backer Iran has continued ratcheting the threats against Israel:

A series of statements from multiple sides point toward continued escalation, which could explode well beyond the Gaza crisis

Israel Ministry of Health: "The war may last a long time, prepare an emergency stock of food for 4 months."

Iranian Foreign Minister: "The expansion of the war to other fronts has begun to reach unavoidable stages."

IDF Spokesman: "Israel is prepared on its own both in the north and in the south."

Israeli Military Spokesman: "If Hezbollah commits a grave mistake, we will respond with devastating force never seen before."

Iranian leaders have gone so far as to issue threat of 'preemptive attack' if Israel continues decimating Gaza...

For now, the situation is expected to be contained given President Biden's expected Wednesday trip to Israel. There's widespread belief that Israeli will not go into Gaza with full force so long as the US leader is visiting

Additionally, Israel is still facing condemnation and international pressure related to the Reuters crew which was fired upon: "On Friday, Issam Abdallah, a Reuters video journalist, was killed in southern Lebanon after missiles launched from the direction of Israel struck him," writes the New York Times. "Six other journalists — from Reuters, Al Jazeera and Agence France-Presse — were also injured in the attack, which occurred near the village of Alma al-Shaab."


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