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LIKUD No 2 IDIOT THREATENS RUSSIA:'You Will Pay The Price (vid)

Threats Against Russia From Israel - 'You Will Pay The Price ' Says Likud No 2 (vid)

Total rupture between Russia and Israel and a nail towards a generalized war




The top official of the ruling Likud party in Israel, Amir Whiteman, - considered by many to be No. 2 in Benjamin Netanyahu's party - has revealed that his country holds Russia and Putin responsible for the carnage caused by Hamas.

Whiteman launched into a crescendo of unprecedented threats of war against Russia, speaking in a heated tone and pointing the finger at the RT host.


And if in Israel they talk like this about Russia, think about what is said about Turkey.

Thus an axis is formed, two camps, which can lead the situation even to a major regional war, perhaps even a World War III.


Netanyahu's party No. 2: Russia and Putin will pay for support to Hamas

Whiteman made these statements to the Russian RT television network, which has been banned by many Western countries since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, for "promoting Russian propaganda".

Whiteman declared in a loud voice that the people of Israel are not going to forget Russia's support of Hamas and Hezbollah, specifically saying that once Israel eliminates Hamas, it will turn its full attention to supporting Ukraine until its victory. on Russia.

Full dialogue:

Whatman:  "My people are being slaughtered by Nazis.

Russian Journalist: Your people are being slaughtered by Nazis. Some may say that something similar is being done to what is happening in Ukraine right now against Russia. (…..)

Whatiman: (…..) All the countries you mentioned, all of them are terrorist countries.

I understand you are on the Russian payroll. And I understand that it's Russian propaganda but you have to be very careful because, let me tell you…

“We will end this war! We are going to win because we are stronger.

After that, Russia will pay the price! Believe me, Russia will pay the price!

Russia supports Israel's enemies!

Russia supports the Nazis, people who want to commit genocide on us, and for that Russia will pay the price!

We don't forget what you do! We don't forget! We will come!

We will make sure that the Ukrainians win!

We will make sure you pay the price for what you did.

You as Russia.

And you and all the enemies of Israel.

Na remember exactly what I'm telling you now.

You will pay the price."

Watch the video:





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