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When the talking stops , war begins.. Israel is to be over-run.

The Talking . . . . is Over. US State Dept. Planes Leave Tehran, Iran

 26 OCTOBER 2023 

Two jet aircraft designated "State 23" and State 24" have taken off from Tehran, Iran.   It appears the talking . . . is over.

The aircraft named "State 23" flew to Amman, Jordan. 

Meanwhile, the Iran Foreign Minister arrived  at the United Nations in New York City for "urgent talks regarding Gaza." 

The situation with the Gaza Strip is at the breaking point 

At the United Nations Security Council meeting, a heated exchange of words took place between the ambassadors of Russia, China and Israel yesterday.

 As the Draft Resolution was defeated the Russian delegate said: We regret the Security Council’s inability to stop the escalation in the region.


History shows that by the time Diplomats finally start engaging in "real" talk, it's usually too late.

As you read this, all the armies are deployed around the Middle East. Egypt, Jordan, Syria.   

Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon are already engaging in skirmishes with Israeli troops along the Israel-Lebanon border. 


Iran is  deploying long range missiles, and coastal defenses along the shores of both the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Iraq is massing hundreds of thousands of fighters to help "Palestinians."

 Houthis in Yemen are already firing missiles and launching drones at Israel 

A lot of people realize right now that  if  WHEN this kicks-off, it's going to be a military bloodbath.

It must be said that if a regional war breaks out, Israel is highly likely  to be over-run.

This isn't 1967 when a bunch of Arab countries went piecemeal to war against Israel.  This is 2023, and the Arabs  now have large armories of long-range, and  precise, missiles.   Their troops are in advanced Armored vehicles with laser targeting and night vision.Communications are all encrypted.Radar is very much more advanced.  Fighter jets are orders of magnitude better than they were in 1967.

It will be so bad, and happen so fast, that Israel will be left with no choice but to launch tactical nuclear strikes against SEVERAL Muslim nations.

And if/when that happens, the world will erupt.   


When the talking stops . . . . war begins.




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