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Gaza Cut in Two: Two Israeli Armored Divisions Inside the Strip (maps, vid)

Gaza Cut in Two: IDF Closes the Tongue - Two Israeli Armored Divisions Converge on Three Axes Inside the Strip (maps, vid)

Hamas drone strikes Israeli forces concentration - IDF casualties mount

01/11/2023 -


Two Israeli Army Armored Divisions with over 20,000 personnel and hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles are converging inside Gaza in an attempt to split the Palestinian enclave into two parts, one being Gaza City and the other Jabalia.

Israeli forces are advancing into Gaza from three axes, northwest of Beit Lahia, northeast of Beit Hanoun and east of Bureij.

According to information, only 3 km remain to close the trap created by the Israeli Army.

Of course, the deeper the Israeli forces advance, the more their losses increase little while ago, Hamas struck with a drone a concentration of IDF forces inside Gaza.

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The advance of Israeli forces

According to information, the progress of the IDF forces is as follows:

-Israeli forces are deep inside Beit Hanoun,

-The IDF entered Atatra from the Mediterranean side

-fierce fighting is taking place in Al Maghazi refugee camp.

- Israeli troops have entered Beit Lahiya, fighting is taking place in the center of the city.

-South of Gaza City they managed to reach the Salah Al Din hub, which they have cut.



Battles take place in:

– 10th Street
– Rashid Street
– Juḩr ad Dīk
– Al Mughrāqah

-In northern Gaza, heavy clashes are taking place at the Amn Alam intersection in Karamah, south of Beit Lahia.

-Fierce clashes are taking place in the western areas of Gaza City, in the neighborhoods of Al-Tawam and Al-Karama

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza said: " The occupation forces are trying to reach Al-Rashid Street (West) from Salah al-Din Street (East) in the outskirts of Gaza City."

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IDF: We are at the gates of Gaza!

The Commander of the 162nd Armored Division, Brigadier General Itzik Cohen issued a statement today stating that his Division's Forces are now deep inside the Gaza Strip and have reached the Gates of Gaza City.

He also emphasizes that Israel is fighting for its existence and that it will win.

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Israeli tanks on the outskirts of Gaza - they blocked the main road

Earlier, residents of the area said that Israeli tanks had entered a neighborhood on the outskirts of Gaza City and blocked the main arterial road.

IDF tanks have reached the outskirts of the al-Zeytoun neighborhood, blocking off Salaheddin Street and firing at every vehicle that moves by, witnesses said.

The al-Zeytoun neighborhood is located in the southeastern sector of Gaza City. In normal times, its population amounts to 130,000 inhabitants and it is the largest district of the city. But the area where the Israeli tanks have arrived is sparsely populated.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli tanks and air force bombarded the main road to a depth of one kilometer, opening large craters and rendering it useless.

Israeli tanks have been deployed in two zones of Salahuddin Street. One zone is located at the height of the "Martyrs" square, at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, and the other at a distance of two kilometers from the border.

Dozens of buildings west of this central road, Salaheddin Street, have been destroyed by Israeli bombardment in recent days.

Israeli strikes yesterday leveled at least ten towers in the neighborhood of Tal-al-Hawa, in the southwestern sector of Gaza City, according to AFP journalists (Agence France-Presse).

Israeli strikes also damaged a Turkish-funded cancer hospital in the same district, its director Sobi Sheik told AFP.

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