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Critical speech by H. Nasrallah: Hezbollah enters the war... (vid)

The Israeli Army cut Gaza in two & entered the city - Critical speech by H. Nasrallah: Hezbollah enters the war... (vid)

Weird WSJ article: Wagner sends Pantsir air defense systems to Hezbollah




IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herchi Halevi announced that Israeli troops had cut Gaza in two and entered the city.

The next few hours are extremely critical as the leader of Hezbollah has announced that he will deliver a speech tomorrow Friday.

Authorities in Gaza announced that the Israeli army has controlled and cut off all roads leading from North Gaza to South Gaza, including the coastal road (Rasheed Street).

Gaza City was besieged by the armored units of the Israeli army from the south (from east to west along Gaza Street and 10th Street).

The Israeli army also entered the Zeitoun area (from south to north almost 1.5 km).





Hizbollah final document – ​​H. Nasrallah's statement tomorrow...

Hezbollah announced that it fired rockets, artillery shells, kamikaze drones and anti-tank missiles against at least 19 Israeli military positions/bases along the border with South Lebanon, including Al-Marj, Al-Malikiah, Jal Dwair, Ra's Al-Naqoura, Zar'it, Duhaira and Zibdin.

This action by Hezbollah is considered a prelude to developments in view of the speech of its leader, H. Nasrallah.

Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardment of Hezbollah positions in South Lebanon followed.

"Hezbollah may enter into a full-scale conflict with Israel this Friday, November 3," some Iranian and Arab media reported.

It is on this day that the head of the organization, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, will deliver a speech on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

According to information from Arab countries, Hezbollah notified Washington that the United States and Israel have until dawn on November 3 to end the offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Otherwise, they claim they will go into "direct and open" war with all resistance groups.

The situation is extremely critical. Reports indicate that after Gaza is cleared of Islamists, a multinational force consisting of army units from the United States, France and Great Britain may enter there.

It is also possible that Gaza will come under the control of UN troops.

Something like this is a red line for Iran and not only...


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