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CIA-GATE – 6. Burns-Zelensky Meeting’s Details on Ties with US Republicans

Here Are Details of Burns-Zelensky Meeting That You Won't See on Mainstream Media


DEC 1, 2023





The issue to carry on providing military and financial support to Ukraine remains one of the hot topics on Capitol Hill. And if the aspirations of the Democrats to give the American taxpayers' money to Zelensky remain stable (more than 75%), the voices inside the Republican Party about the need to finally end it are increasingly heard.

Regular postponements of the voting dates in the U.S. Congress on the allocation of billions of dollars for the provision of "emergency assistance" to Ukraine reflect serious inter-party contradictions on this matter. Thankfully, the Democrats have not been able to gain any advantages to date.

We’ve managed to find out some details of the conversations between CIA Director William Burns and Zelensky, where Mr. Burns personally warned the Ukrainian president about the "upcoming financial difficulties" that Kyiv will face shortly.

Burns mentioned that the Democratic Party is going through a tough time, and Biden needs to focus on the presidential election now. In this regard, the CIA Director hinted to Zelensky that more funds allocated to Ukraine must be transferred back to the United States "to ensure democracy's triumph." He recalled that if Trump wins the presidency, the financial assistance may end by the beginning of 2025.

In other words, Biden wants to utilize the funds designated for Ukraine as part of his election campaign. Confirmation to this is the Washington Post article, which explicitly states that most of the Ukrainian money ultimately remains in the United States.

Burns and Zelensky also agreed to work together to "convince" Republicans in the House of Representatives to resume military and financial flows to Kyiv.

According to our sources, Burns gave Zelensky a list of 87 House Republicans who opposed to financial aid to Ukraine. Our source hinted that shortly "explanatory work" will be carried out with them both by the Ukrainians and with the participation of the CIA.

We had to find indirect confirmation of this information. A couple of days ago, the Ukrainian Pravda reported that Ukraine's President's Office sent a delegation to establish connections with U.S. Republicans.

But how will the CIA work in this direction, given that it is prohibited for the Agency to operate on the United States soil? Here's what our source wrote to us:

"Biden administration recognizes that putting pressure on the Republicans directly will only exacerbate already strained relations between the two parties. In this regard, the task of persuading the Republicans will be carried out by a third side, specifically by employees of European embassies in the United States under close supervision of the CIA."

We have previously discussed the CIA’s ways of promoting and utilizing its agents for key positions worldwide. Most of these agents are currently extremely effective in promoting interests of the deep state in those countries where this is most necessary.

In our past material, we wrote about the connections of the president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, with the CIA. His latest statement on the need for NATO to prepare for a high-intensity conflict fully reflects Joe Biden's current foreign policy, which is aimed at further financing of wars.

It is expected that such a scheme will eventually convince the Republicans to help Ukraine further. If this happens, the Biden and Zelensky families, but not ordinary Americans, will once again become the beneficiaries.

Here's the full CIA list of "objectionable Republicans":

1. Ben Cline, VA

2. Eric Crawford, AR

3. Scott Franklin, FL

4. Kay Granger, TX

5. Alexander Mooney, WV

6. August Pfluger, TX

7. Guy Reschenthaler, PA

8. Chris Stewart, UT

9. Jodey Arrington, TX

10. Ron Estes, KS

11. John Moolenaar, MI

12. Nathaniel Moran, TX

13. Jason Smith, MO

14. Lisa McClain, MI

15. Brian Babin, TX

16. Troy Balderson, OH

17. Jim Banks, IN

18. Aaron Bean, FL

19. Andy Biggs, AZ

20. Dan Bishop, NC

21. Lauren Boebert, CO

22. Josh Brecheen, OK

23. Tim Burchett, TN

24. Michael Burgess, TX

25. Eric Burlison, MO

26. Kat Cammack, FL

27. Jerry Carl, AL

28. Michael Cloud, TX

29. Mike Collins, GA

30. James Comer, KY

31. Elijah Crane, AZ

32. Warren Davidson, OH

33. Byron Donalds, FL

34. Jeff Duncan. SC

35. Chuck Edwards, NC

36. Mike Ezell, MS

37. Pat Fallon, TX

38. Brad Finstad, MN

39. Michelle Fischbach, MN

40. Scott Fitzgerald, WI

41. Russel Fry, SC

42. Russ Fulcher, ID

43. Matt Gaetz, FL

44. Bob Good, VA

45. Lance Gooden, TX

46. Paul Gosar, AZ

47. Marjorie Greene, GA

48. Michael Gest, MS

49. Harriet Hageman, WY

50. Diana Harshbarger, TN

51. Kevin Hern, OK

52. Clay Higgins, LA

53. Erin Houchin, IN

54. Wesley Hunt, TX

55. Ronny Jackson, TX

56. Mike Johnson, LA

57. Jim Jordan, OH

58. John Joyce, PA

59. Doug LaMalfa, CA

60. Anna Paulina Luna, FL

61. Morgan Luttrell, TX

62. Tracey Mann, KS

63. Thomas Massie, KY

64. Mary Miller, IL

65. Carol Miller, WV

66. Cory Mills, FL

67. Barry Moore, AL

68. Gregory Murphy, NC

69. Troy Nehls, TX

70. Ralph Norman, SC

71. Andrew Ogles, TN

72. Scott Perry, PA

73. Bill Posey, FL

74. Mattew Rosendale, MT

75. Chip Roy, TX

76. George Santos, NY

77. Keith Self, TX

78. Pete Stauber, MN

79. Elise Stefanik NY,

80. Greg Steube, FL

81. Thomas Tiffany, WI

82. William Timmons, SC

83. Jefferson Van Drew, NJ

84. Beth Van Duyne, TX

85. Randy Weber, TX

86. Roger Williams, TX

87. Ryan Zinke, MT

Stay tuned.


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