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The situation in Ukraine is tragic: Without electricity over 1,000 towns and villages

The situation in Ukraine is tragic: The Russians destroyed the heart of the energy system – Without electricity over 1,000 towns and villages!

The Russians dismantled the entire air defense system






ukraine's energy grid management company announced today that due to bad weather (and Russian bombing) more than 1,000 towns and villages in nine regions have been left without power and called on residents to save on consumption as the energy system has weakened by the Russian blows.

Electricity consumption was at its highest this week as temperatures dropped to around minus 15 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, Ukrenergo said.

"The level of consumption continues to increase due to the significant drop in temperature across the country ," the company said via the Telegram app, adding that electricity consumption in the morning was already 5.8% higher than the previous day.

"Until this morning due to bad weather conditions, strong winds, ice, electricity has been cut in 1,025 settlements."

The weather has caused significant damage to distribution networks with strong winds and frost while a thick layer of ice has covered equipment, delaying restoration work, Ukrenergo said.

Vitaly Kim, governor of the southern Mykolayiv region, where 215 towns and villages have been left without power, said the ice on power lines was 5 million thick.

Ukrenergo said the power system was already operating at maximum capacity and called on residents to conserve electricity as much as possible and avoid using multiple electrical appliances at the same time to help the system cope with demand.

“Currently, electricity supply is sufficient to supply all commercial consumers and households.

But a large increase in consumption creates an additional burden on power plants, which are already operating at full capacity, and they need to increase production very quickly and significantly, and this can lead to technical problems , "said Ukrenergo.

According to Russian sources, the Russian Air Force now has an almost 100% hit rate. There is no Ukrainian air defense at this time.

Thermal power plants have not recovered from last year's Russian strikes

According to Ukrenergo, thermal power plants in Ukraine have still not recovered from last winter's massive Russian strikes, and solar power plants cannot operate at their full potential due to cloud cover and bad weather .

Last winter Russia targeted the Ukrainian power system with thousands of missiles and drones, often causing blackouts for thousands of people.

Thermal power plants accounted for about a third of the total electricity produced in Ukraine before the war.

Ukrenergo also reported damage to power grids in the regions of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Kherson that are close to the front line and within range of artillery fire.


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