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NATO war preparedness for war with Russia – Hungary reconsiders role in Alliance

NATO war preparedness committee set up for war with Russia – Hungary reconsiders role in Alliance

B.Orban: "This is not our war - We don't want to die"



Hungarian Prime Minister V. Orban has revealed that his country is reassessing its role in NATO due to reluctance to join the war being prepared against Russia.

Orbán's second bombshell concerns the point where he reveals that a preparatory committee has already been set up in NATO, adding that NATO countries will be divided into "participating (in the war) and non-participating"!

Hungary is reviewing its role in NATO!

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán specifically said:

"We are going to re-evaluate the country's membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. 

The statements of Western politicians and journalists show that Europe is preparing for war with Russia".

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Radio Kossuth that before the two world wars, the media spent a lot of time preparing for entering the war, which is still the case today.

"I think what is happening today in Brussels and Washington, but rather in Brussels than in Washington, is a kind of public preparation for a possible direct conflict.

We can safely say that preparations are underway for Europe's entry into the war, this is happening in the media and in politicians' statements," the Hungarian Prime Minister emphasized.


"There is a preparation committee in NATO"

And he continued, conveying the climate that has prevailed recently in the "headquarters" of NATO in Brussels:

"Right now, at NATO headquarters in Brussels there is an economic committee, a preparatory committee.

Of course, I don't want to reveal details, but the Secretary General of NATO has already said all this.

Working groups are working to determine in what ways NATO could take part in this war.

We want to reassess our role (as Hungary) in NATO because we do not want to participate in a military mission of the Alliance in Ukraine. This is something that Hungarian diplomacy has to solve."

In fact, he revealed that not only NATO is aware of Hungary's position, but also that they have already accepted and "legally" prepared its refusal:

"They have already coined a new term for it – 'non-participating' state."



Negotiations between Russia and the USA will determine the existence of the entire world for decades!

At the same time, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed confidence that possible negotiations between Russia and the United States will determine the existence of the entire world for the next three decades.

According to Orban, negotiations between Moscow and Washington are necessary to resolve the Ukrainian crisis and for security across Europe. To end the armed conflict, contacts between the Ukrainian and Russian leadership are necessary.

The head of the Hungarian government is convinced that the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev will be followed by real negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States, which will concern not only Russia and Ukraine, but the entire European security system.

The results of these negotiations could determine the existence of Europe for the next 20-30 years.


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