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"D-Day" has arrived for China and the US

"D-Day" has arrived for China and the US: The invasion of Taiwan is a matter of days - Washington decides to send aircraft carriers - Great mobilization

All Taiwan forces on alert - Watch video



All indications are that D-Day for China and the US is getting dangerously close as the leadership of the US Navy and the Security Council are expected to meet on the deployment of aircraft carriers - and not only - to the region.

The next period of time is considered particularly critical. China has already launched a surprise mobilization aimed at a naval blockade of Taiwan.

See what the US media is reporting



Beginning of June, China's operation in Taiwan

According to Chinese media, China's operations in Taiwan will start in early June.

In fact, the Chinese media report - and this is the most important - that the information comes from sources in the Chinese Ministry of Defense...

The large-scale exercise "United Sword 2024" began today. Before it began, the Chinese Foreign Ministry asked the United States to refrain from organizing visits by members of Congress to Taiwan.

In addition, Agence France-Presse published a quote from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin addressing Taiwan.

"Taiwan independence forces will be left with broken heads and spilled blood after the conflict. China will achieve full unification," AFP quoted a Chinese diplomat as saying.



PLA: "Taiwan independence" and Taiwan Strait peace are incompatible

The Command of the Chinese Army begins the "Joint Sword-2024A" exercise from May 23 to 24 off the coast of Taiwan. Ground, naval, air and missile forces will be involved. During the exercise, the combat readiness of China's military will be tested for precision strikes on key targets.

In his message he says:

“It is a strong punishment for the separatist forces of 'Taiwan independence' who seek 'independence'. A serious warning of interference and provocations from outside forces

The weapon that aims at "Taiwan independence" and will kill that "independence" is already in place.

Relying on strangers is a bad road. The search for "independence" is a dead end. Promoting reunification is the way out.

The motherland must be reunited and will inevitably be reunited”

Watch video


The PLA imposes a naval blockade on Taiwan with 49 fighters and 32 ships

The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that the PLA's Eastern Theater Command began the "Joint Sword 2024A" drills at 7:45 a.m. (23:45 GMT) on Thursday in the Taiwan Straits, north, south and east of Taiwan, as well as in areas around Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu and Dongyin Islands.

In practice, China imposes a naval blockade on Taiwan with its forces "spreading" from 4 directions.

Li Xi, a spokesman for the PLA command, said that the exercises will involve all forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Missile Forces, adding that they will proceed with   comprehensive operations inside and outside Taiwan to test the real combat capabilities of its forces. administration.

Taiwan's military recorded the approach of 49 PLAAF fighters and 31 PLAN ships, the island's General Staff said.

49 J-16, Su-30 fighter jets and KJ-500 airborne radars were spotted around Taiwan. Of the 49 Chinese aircraft, 35 crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait in the northern, central and southwestern sectors of the country's air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

Watch the first videos from the PLA mobilization



Taiwan developed anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles – F-16 Viper, Mirage on alert  

Taiwan's Armed Forces have been put on full alert for the military drills that China started today, Thursday, May 23, 2024.

Taiwan Air Force (ROCAF) F-16 Viper and Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets are on standby at their bases and conducting patrols as fears of China launching a surprise attack grow. Also, as seen on video, a Taiwanese C-130 took off from its base.

At the same time, Hsiung Feng III (HF-3) anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles were developed.

Also, Taiwanese ships and air defense missile systems have been deployed off the coast of the island in response to China's exercises.

In a statement, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense sent a message to China saying:

"China's military exercises, which highlight its hegemonic mindset, have undermined regional peace and stability. The Taiwan Armed Forces (ROC) are ready to defend our country.

We seek no conflict, but we will avoid none. "

Watch video of Taiwan's military mobilization





The Naval Blockade of Taiwan


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