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Breaking: The Russians have issued a nuclear map of Europe

The Russians have issued a nuclear map of Europe – They are targeting all NATO bases on European soil (vid)




Against the background of the attacks on the strategic early warning radars of a nuclear attack in the depths of Russia, the Russians issued - not by chance - a "nuclear map" of Europe,

Moscow is talking about "nuclear deterrence" measures, which means permanent deployment of nuclear weapons and targeting of NATO bases across Europe.

What the Russians are broadcasting in detail:

“Where are US tactical nukes deployed in Europe?

Currently, about 100 US tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) – intended for battlefield or limited strike use – remain at six bases in five NATO countries in Europe and West Asia, including:

Buchel Air Force Base in Germany (reported to house 15 TNW)

Kleine Brogel Air Base in Belgium (15 TNW)

Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands (15 TNW)

Aviano & Ghedi Torre Air Bases in Italy (35 TNW)

Incirlik Air Base in Turkey (20 TNW)

Greece belongs to the general designation "other NATO countries", together with Spain, Bulgaria and Romania.

“The US nuclear arsenal in Europe consists of B-61 gravity bombs, designed to be dropped by allied bombers or fighter aircraft. The B-61 is known to be three times more powerful than the US atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945."

The Russians are warning the US and NATO not to install nuclear weapons in European (see Poland, Greece, etc.) and Asian countries, otherwise they will forced to take "nuclear deterrence"!

"We will do so if the US goes ahead with plans to deploy short- and medium-range nuclear weapons in new countries that do not currently exist, especially in European countries."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview  gave to the RIA agency indicated that his country considers the planned delivery of F-16 fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Ukraine as a "message" from NATO.

"They are trying to tell us that the US and NATO will not stop anywhere in Ukraine," Lavrov stressed.

"However, we hope that the Russia-Belarus military gymnasiums on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons currently taking place will bring our adversaries to their senses by reminding them of the devastating consequences of any further nuclear escalation ," he added.

At the same time, Lavrov said that Russia may take further nuclear deterrence measures if the US deploys medium- and short-range missiles in Europe and Asia.

See the map




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