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Russia mobilized all nuclear forces from Arctic Ocean to North Sea

Russia mobilized all nuclear forces from Arctic Ocean to North Sea - Baltic Fleet received nuclear "Moskit"

Poland is talking about hundreds of nuclear missiles


Russia today unexpectedly expanded the geographic area of ​​tactical nuclear weapons exercises to include the Leningrad Military Formation in addition to the Southern Military District.

This is a deliberate deception of NATO, which has now realized that Russia is not carrying out a simple exercise... In fact, this mobilization coincides with the arrival of Russian ships in Cuba. Strange timing.

The Leningrad military sector stretches from the border with Norway in the north to Belarus and includes the Northern Fleet and the Kaliningrad enclave in the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland.

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Virtually all military formations of the Russian Army, Navy and Air Force are participating in the exercises with tactical nuclear weapons, from the North Pole to the Black Sea.

The purpose is to "spread" a nuclear protection shield along all of Russia's European borders, from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea.

There are details and information that point in this direction.


Russian Ministry of Defense: "Moskit" anti-ship missile loaded with a nuclear warhead

The Russian Ministry of Defense has shown the equipment of a Tarantul-class corvette of the Baltic Fleet with a nuclear-tipped 3M-80/82 Moskit anti-ship cruise missile.

This missile is designed to sink NATO aircraft carriers. Today, Moscow admitted that ships of the Russian Navy are also participating in the exercises.

Crews will equip the ships and boats with cruise missiles carrying "special warheads" and deploy them on the high seas to patrol specific areas.

Russia said today that soldiers and sailors from the northern Leningrad military sector are taking part in training courses to develop tactical nuclear weapons.

"Personnel of the Leningrad Military Sector missile unit are practicing nuclear combat training missions ," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, Iskander-M ballistic missile system combat formations proceed to transport special (nuclear) munitions, equip them with them and advance to launch sites.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that during the second stage of the exercises, issues of joint training of Russian and Belarusian units on the use of tactical nuclear weapons will be worked out. The purpose is to maintain the forces of the Union state in a state of high combat readiness while ensuring the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Watch the video


Poland talks of hundreds of nuclear warheads in Kaliningrad

The head of Poland's diplomatic department, Radoslaw Sikorski, said:

"If we look at the war from Warsaw, we see that Kaliningrad is very close to us. And we know there are hundreds of tactical nuclear warheads stationed there…

We know that this is a danger, that Putin is really creeping too close to Europe," noted the Polish minister.


They were loaded with nuclear powered X-32s and Tu-22M3s 

The Tu-22M3 bombers also participate in the exercises of the regular nuclear forces of Russia, as War News 24/7 had said from the beginning, despite their non-announcement by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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It is yet another piece of evidence that points to a generalized nuclear alert in Russia.

The Russians admit that the drills involve Russian Tu-22M3 strategic aircraft carrying X-32 nuclear-tipped supersonic missiles.

We remind you that the military formations with Iskander and MiG-31 with 9-S-7760 Kinzhal (their nuclear version) have already been mobilized

Russian Ministry of Defense videos showed at least three MiG-31s ​​with 9-S-7760 Kinzhal.

See videos and pictures







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