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Why are ISIL Takfiris obsessed with Shias



By Shabana Syed for Veterans Today

ISIL terrorists move along beheading and chopping bodies, attempting to establish a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, while the Muslim world shouts back “not in our name.”

According to political analyst, Gordon Duff the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is “waging a corporate war” on the entire Middle East by supporting the Takfiris.

He argues that we are expected to believe that “the ISIL terrorists managed to “simply” walk into Iraq and wreak havoc on the Arab state although Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh constantly spy on “all communications in the region.

The US and UK have a schizophrenic policy towards these Al Qaeda linked groups based on training and funding them at the same time perpetuating a fear of them.

President Obama wants to give them 500 million more, while the British government has turned a blind eye allowing groups like Al Muhajiroun with links to M16 recruit young British Muslims to join the group.

In the meantime the news that Britain may have child abusers, ‘up to 40 members of parliament , lords and peers’ linked to Downing Street that Scotland Yard is investigating, is numbed down with the government more interested in what’s happening in Iraq and hoping to introduce increased surveillance powers and ‘emergency terror legislation’.

The specter of Islamic terrorists out to destroy western civilization was the habitual sing song of the Zionist owned media after 9/11;  however now they have finally materialized in the form of  ISIL,  fitting into all stereotypical images of Islamic fundamentalists, long beards masked faces, and guns at the ready.

The only difference is that these Islamic terrorists are not out to destroy the West, rather they at present are busy fighting a battle instigated and urged on by AIPAC, the Jewish lobbies and Israel. And the only people these Islamists are interested to kill are Muslims.

What did Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu say just after the tragedy of 9/11 where over 3,000 died: “It’s very good…Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)”

US Intelligence Asset Susan Lindaur in her book “Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriotic Act and the Cover ups of 9/11 and Iraq” provides evidence that CIA affiliates were aware of Mossad’s involvement in 9/11.

In the same way that 9/11 was good for Israel is the same way the attacks by the ISIS or ISIL is good for Israel.

As writer Daniel Mabsout argues ‘In a world called Israel’ “The Sunnis are mobilized by the world Order to defend Israel under the cover of sectarianism and anti Shi’ism; …….The goal of the world order is total extermination of all cultures and the establishment of the world wide Israel not only from the Nile to the Euphrates but from the Pacific to the Mediterranean”

In another article titled ‘Sectarian ‘Sunnis against Islam’ he accuses the Wahabi school of thought of working with Israel by issuing fatwas urging jihad against Syria.

He writes: “All what is happening in Syria is being covered by the highest authorities of Sunni Islam whether Qaradawi or Al Azhar or other Sunni authorities, all have agreed upon the fact that the attack on Syria should be religiously covered by Sunni authorities and when this is not done openly  it is done silently by connivance .. “.

In a new documentary titled “Why can’t I be a Sushi” (SuShi is a unification of the word Sunni and Shia) it shows two little girls trying to make sense of the hatred towards Shias. One mature woman in the documentary highlights the thoughts of many UK Sunni Muslims when she explains to the girls. “The Sunni are the people who follow the Prophet, the Shia that’s another story” she finishes by saying they are all the same but Sunnis are closer to Islam.

One of the main tasks of groups like the Free Syrian Army, the Al Nusra Front and ISIL was  to kill, rape and murder Shias, this fact however uncomfortable is still a fact as countless reports and evidence indicates.

As their YouTube videos will also testify; one shows the ISIL stopping lorry’s passing and putting the drivers through tests to verify if they are Shias pretending to be Sunnis, one wrong answer would result in several shots to the head. Another equally upsetting video shows a 5 year old girl tied to a pole and made to watch as they batter her parents to death for being Shias.

The killing spree against Shias in Pakistan where CIA funded and Mossad trained groups like the Deobandi/Salafi group Sipah -e- Sahaba (SSP) and Lashkar jhangvi has been relentless over the past few years.  Leading to groups like Human Rights Watch to warn that ‘2012 was the “bloodiest year of shia killing” and by the way 2013 started the future looks dismal’.

The fact these groups are all linked was affirmed when Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat also known as Sipah-e-Sahaba were last seen handing out sweets and congratulating each other after the ISIL leader, Abu bakar  Al Baghdadi proclaimed himself as Caliph of the new Islamic state in the captured areas of Iraq and Syria. Of course this is the same Al- Bagdadi who was suspiciously set free from prison in USA and then secretly trained along with others in a base in Jordan as revealed by Jordanian officials.

What did Dr Martin Luther King say “in the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”

The silence referred to is the silence of the Sunni community against the persecution of the Shias but it is also a reference to the silence of western communities against the onslaught of Islamophobic attacks carried out by politicians and the Zionist media against Muslims.

The same silence that is allowing Israel to attack Gaza again unhindered.

Israel and Netanyahu can sit back and watch with ‘glee’ (another mind numbing song and dance TV series that brainwashes the youth on ‘the innocence of Jews and their right to Israel) as ISIL fight a battle on their behalf.

The latest news that ISIL are killing indiscriminately and also blowing up mainly Shia shrines but  now also Sunni, and want to also destroy the Kaaba in Mecca has finally woken up the Sunni community that maybe after all it is not a battle of Shia and Sunni but a battle to prevent the hijacking of Islam by Zionism.

In Baghdad Sunni and Shia clerics gathered to urge Iraqis to unite and fight the ISIL while Pakistani Sunni leaders and scholars have condemned them and asked media not to identify them as Sunnis.

A united Islam, Muslims setting aside their differences as they have done over centuries is the worst nightmare for the advocates of the new world order.

This compliant Islam, as we have already witnessed follows Israel and Saudi dictates and will not go to liberate Palestine, but heads off in their new American jeeps to kill rape and maim other Muslims.

An example of this compliant Islam always has western security services assistance. For example in Turkey,  Fethullah Gul  who apparently is the man who CIA operative Graham Fuller  and the US State department gave leave to stay in a fortress in Pennsylvania and is planning to establish a New Islamic World Order in Turkey.

Gulen leads one of the most influential Islamic movements in the world, with millions of followers and schools in 140 countries, which preaches a western Israeli friendly form of Islam.

According to Ahmet Sik who was jailed after he wrote a book on Gulen’s activities titled “The Army of the Imam.”  Fethullah Gulen has infiltrated every area of Turkish Civil society, working behind the scenes to become one of Turkey’s most powerful political forces.

“Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, testified that the drug money has been channeled into Gulen’s coffers by the C.I.A.” This explains why Turkey has been used as a base by CIA to recruit and arm mercenaries sent to Syria.

The need to transform Islam has been urged on by the most vicious proponents of Zionism like Daniel Pipes: “The global war on terror cannot be won through counterterrorism alone…The immediate war goal must be to destroy militant Islam and the ultimate war goal the modernization of Islam,”

The militant Islam he is talking about is Shia Islam, not the Sunni/ Takfiri Islam that Saudi Arabia encouraged through Saudi funded schools and mosques which have produced foot soldiers now fighting Zionists battle in Syria and Iraq to destroy the main opponents to their control of Middle East, Syria Iran and Hezbollah.

After all according to an Israeli think tank Moshe Dayan Centre the real threat is Shias, and its Director for External Affairs stated in 2009: “Israel is now the strange partner of the Sunni Arab states”.

If we examine one of the speeches posted on the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) website by their spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, he emphasizes that the real enemy is the Shia:

 “Do not concede territory gained to the Shia unless they walk over your dead bodies to retrieve it. March towards Baghdad. The Shiʿa are a disgraced people. God forbid that they become victorious over you. How can they when they are polytheists.  Don’t stop until you reach Baghdad and  Kerbala. Be prepared! Iraq will transform into a living hell for the Shia and other heretic.”

He also said “We will settle our differences not in Samarra or Baghdad but in Kerbala, the filth-ridden city, and in Najaf, the city of polytheists.”

The present day Takfiris want to reignite a battle that took place at Karbala, a battle that took place 1,400 years ago? Does it make sense in the 21st century we live in or is something else going on?

Clearly one needs to ask what is this obsession with Shias? Why the need to destroy a group that is out of a population of Muslims, less than 20% while the Sunni total over 80%

Speaking to Sunnis’ the answer is muffled but revolves around the Shias not being respectful to Prophet Muhammad’s companions. However speaking to a Shia the elaborate answer may explain why Israel is intent on destroying Shia Islam.

Sayyed Mohammad Razavi, an Imam at the Islamic Centre of England explains: “Its very simple, they have been trying to persecute the Shias over the centuries because we  carry the real message of Imam Hussain who was brutally killed in Karbala making a stand against the corrupt and evil rule of Yazid ibn Muawiya  who subverted the real teachings of the Prophet by propagating debauchery and corruption, Shias are persecuted to keep us silent about how Islam was subverted and because we carry Imam Hussain’s message of resistance to corrupt rulers.”

This resistance of Imam Hussain was recognized internationally.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (1st Prime Minister of India) “There is a universal appeal in his martyrdom. Hazrat Imam Hussein (a.s) sacrificed his all, but he refused to submit to a tyrannical government….” “Imam Hussain’s sacrifice is for all groups and communities, an example of the path of righteousness.”

According to the Let Us Build Pakistan website “.more than 125 Hindus, in addition to thousands of Shias and Sunnis, have registered their names to travel to Karbala, Iraq, to defend the holy shrine of Imam Hussain”.

The ISIL Takfiris, who incidentally keep changing names were once known as the Yazid ibn Muawiya  Brigade, named in tribute to the corrupt debauched  2nd Caliph of the Umayyad dynasty who had a special penchant for ‘hairless young boys’ and was behind the attempted destruction of Prophets family and his grandson at Karbala.

The present day Takfiris have clarified that their battle is with Shia Islam, they target Shrines of the Prophet’s family and several times have tried to destroy the Tomb of Syeda Zainab the sister of Imam Hussain.

Journalist Franklin lamb in an article titled ‘Sayyeda Zeinab: the 7th Century Heroine of Karbala’ writes of how a Christian admirer told him about the spirit of resistance of Zeinab and her historic speech in Damascus to Yazid, the killer of her family and their followers at Karbala and how she stands up in Yazid’s court, brutally whipped and challenges him saying.  “You will not succeed in erasing our memory.”

Clearly it is this message of defiance against tyranny that is being targeted and it wouldn’t be so far- fetched to say that the forces of evil that stood against Imam Hussain have resurfaced again sponsored by the Saudi regime and Israel.

For Daniel Mabsout in ‘The New Jahiliyya (Tribalism) War On Islam’.

“The new battle field is Islam…..Thus people following Islam are undergoing the greatest of tests in the ongoing battle between Islam and its enemies who speak and act in its name but represent the forces of darkness against which the Prophet of Islam has warned”.

It is the spirit of defiance against tyranny as exhibited by Imam Hussain, his brother Abbas and their sister Zeinab that Israel and proponents of the new world order want to destroy, the same spirit that led Hezbollah to defeat the mighty war machine of Israel in 2006 and continuing to keep Israel out of Lebanon; the same spirit that led a nation in 1979 to stand in front of bullets unarmed against the artillery of western backed forces of the Shah and defeated western imperialism  and throwing out the  blood sucking influence of Rothschild bankers.


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