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Israel Seeking to Mislead Hamas Over Rocket Accuracy




… by  Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor,   … and Press TV







Are rockets pounding Tel Aviv? Experts who have examined the denials and press releases by Israel and here “media friends,” are giving a resounding “yes!”


One American military officer, a former commander of an air defense unit, said this of Israel’s propaganda campaign: “It is almost as though they dragged poor Winston Churchill” out of the grave.

News reports have Israel’s braving incoming Hamas rockets, “stiff upper lip,” while intelligence reports tell another story. There is panic, frankly, as would be expected considering the fact that Israel is used to having others do her fighting.”

Key to Israel’s strategy is something learned from Britain during World War II. Hamas rockets can only be targeted if impacts are reported and range and direction are adjusted, perhaps to pound downtown Tel Aviv.

What is being released to the news, citing rockets as landing “in the middle of nowhere” is an attempt to get Hamas to adjust range and direction and actually hit “the middle of nowhere.” What these reports actually mean is the rockets are not only accurate but that Hamas’ intelligence network inside Israel is doing a highly effective job relaying target data.

The more “hits,” particularly on the Dimona nuclear weapons facility, seriously damaged in 1988 by a containment failure due to overcapacity use making nuclear weapons. A single hit on a critical area of Dimona, based on reports from the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, affiliated with the United Nations.

Despite suppression by news organizations, the IAEA has cited Dimona as a nuclear weapons facility, but has also found the facility to be a danger to the region and incapable of running at more than 15% of capacity. Their report states that since 1988, Dimona has run at 25% but even then faces failures due to inadequate reactor cooling capacity and compromised containment due to neutron bombardment. Dimona is a “time bomb” that could leave much of the region uninhabitable.

The current conflict with Hamas is the result of the kidnapping and murder of three teenagers in Hebron, part of the occupied West Bank. Evidence cited in the Israeli press accuses both the CIA and Israeli police and intelligence as having staged the killings in order to justify an attack on Gaza.

Some evidence supports this hypothesis. There have been kidnappings of “squatters,” as Israeli’s in the West Bank in violation of international law have been called, an accurate term for their real status.

This kidnapping and murder does not, however, according to Colonel James Hanke, former US attaché to Israel, conform with any Hamas pattern, nor does the Israeli response.

Israel acted as though it knew the children were dead immediately and, in fact, every “recovery” effort was far from that. Thus, suspicions that Israeli intelligence murdered 3 Israeli children, based on context, the bombings, evidence of a police cover-up and the long planned attacks on Gaza are now without substance.

When ISIS claimed credit for the killings, that information was quashed, only when ties between ISIS and Israel were established and it became clear that they were another CIA/Mossad surrogate force.

It has been known for some time that Israel has planned an onslaught into Gaza. Increasingly, as their role in supporting al-Qaeda in Syria, supporting ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine and terrorism in Iraq and against Christians across the Middle East and North Africa becomes known, another foray into Gaza became a necessary deception.

Similarly, the predictable management of the press is increasingly hollow. There is, as those who know such things, no people on earth less “heroic” than Israelis. Guest workers, a socialist “mother state,” financed by US “welfare,” Israel exists off the labor, money and sacrifice of others. America pays their bills, fights their wars and covers up their crimes.

As with the failures of the US built Patriot missile defense system during the first Gulf War, the “Iron Dome” is all public relations, a myth with no substance.

Israel is defended by one or more US Navy AEGIS ships stationed in the Mediterranean. This is the real “Iron Yamuka.” The radar systems of Israel’s homegrown adjunct are primitive, their boosters inadequate and their own missile defense has been accused, perhaps rightly so, of doing more damage than Hamas.

Israeli air defense systems have destroyed buildings and killed Jews with missiles suffering booster failure and plunging into populated areas. Anyone threatening to report this inside Israel has a life expectancy of hours.
The idea that Hamas rockets are being intercepted successfully is almost funny. In order to simulate an interception, it would be necessary to place a slow flying drone in the path of an Israeli rocket and hope the two accidentally collided. If it was a “miss,” you could always self-destruct the drone and lie about it.

This has been done, in fact, everyone does it. The Reagan administration, during the development of the Star Wars or SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) program was caught doing this repeatedly. Israel isn’t the only country that lies.

Israel is expected to go into Gaza. There they will discover whether or not Hamas has available the same quality weapons that Israel has supplied ISIS with in Iraq.
In 2006, faced with American and Russian guided anti-armor shoulder fired systems, Israeli tanks and helicopters were devastated by Hezbollah.

One question that will be answered in upcoming days is how effective Israel’s surrogate partner, the Egyptian military junta currently in power, has been in blocking Gaza’s access to self-defense weapon system.
What should also be made clear is the failure of Turkey to support Gaza as promised after the sinking of the Mavi Marmara.
Another aspect of what is being seen in the role or better referred to as the utter and absolute failure of ISIS to support Hamas as promised. ISIS, only two weeks ago, threatened to hit Israel with nuclear weapons.

As we watch their inaction and “hear” the silence of ISIS, stories of their cadre leaders, US Special Forces, Chechens and even IDF “commandos” gains credence.
As Hamas stands alone, fewer around the world are failing to notice. Few accept Israel’s barbarity as defensive or justified. More and more see kidnappings, school shootings and car bombings and think “False Flag” terrorism.

False flag terrorism means Israel; they are one in the same



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