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Did Kiev and Israel Just Nuke Donetsk? (Video)


Tuesday, August 19, 2014 19:29






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See the video that could very well be a tactical nuke being used on Donetsk.  I will try my best to get confirmation from guys at Veterans Today on whether this was or was not a nuclear weapon.  

This video cannot be embedded but it looks like a missile comes down on fire and then you’ll see a huge explosion that breaks the window of the guy filming it.  Could this be a tactical nuke?  The Israelis who are running the Kiev military have many tactical nukes in their arsenal stolen from the US.


Was this a tactical nuke being used on Donetsk by Kiev?  Be sure to check out the strange flying object flying around near the end of the video after the man comes back to the shattered window to film the mushroom cloud.  It’s very strainge!


The following clip is from a confirmed nuclear weapon being used on Syria at night.  The type of mini nuke used does not have the HUGE flash that you see in the 50′s films so you cannot go by that when determining whether a nuke was used or not.  Gordon and his team concluded that this was a nuclear weapon used on Syria.

Small Nuke Being Used on Syria at Night.




If you have not yet seen the great series on nuclear education by that proved they used mini nukes to take down the twin towers then you need to read these articles that prove it!  To take down the towers they used a type of mini nuke specially made to produce no visible flash and less than 100 feet of explosion that can vaporize steel and concrete.  These types of weapons are neutron type weapons made from W54 warheads obtained illegally from the US arsenal.   They were designed to disentragate shipyards and railyards


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