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ISIS signals Nuclear “False Flag” attack

by John Kimber

My “top ten” reasons for predicting, and thereby helping to defeat, a new “false flag” attack on 9/11 are as follows:

1)  ISIS were conveniently left 88 pounds of uranium compounds in Mosul in July – perfect for making dirty bombs, and for dirty bomb predictive programming. Like al-Qaeda, ISIS are a CIA founded and controlled group.

The CIA and Mossad are notorious for carrying out false flag attacks, including the 9/11 joint operation. The ISIS leader may be a Mossad agent.

2) U.K. Prime Sinister David Cameron, hyped the ISIS terror threat, and raised the official terror threat level to “SEVERE”/highly likely, on 8/29/14. The level had remained at “SUBSTANTIAL” since the 11th of July 2011 (7/11/11). Cameron is also preparing to bomb Iraq and Syria, and needs a good excuse, especially for bombing Syria.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

3) At the end of March, Obama, Cameron, Merkel and other leaders took part in a dirty bomb role-playing game, at a nuclear terrorism conference. A similar role-playing exercise occurred a year before the London 7/7 bombings: the scenario closely matched the real events of 7/7/05.

4) ISIS are the CIA’s al-Qaeda 2.0, and therefore 9/11/14 is the perfect day for “revenge attacks” against the U.S. and U.K. If there are attacks on 9/11/14, half of America has been programmed to say or believe “those G.D. Muzzies hit us hard again!”.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

5) Dirty bomb drills have been repeatedly conducted in the U.S. and U.K. Dirty bombs are much easier to make or acquire than conventional/real nuclear weapons, and are therefore far more plausible as a terrorist weapon.

6) Dirty bomb attacks fit the pattern of previous false flag attacks – plenty of terror but little disruption. Dirty bombs are relatively harmless, but according to the exercise mentioned in point/reason 3, the danger will be greatly exaggerated.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

7) There has been massive predictive programming for nuclear terror attacks in “fiction” – numerous TV shows and movies have included nuclear terrorism plots. “Jericho” (2006-8) and “Operation Blackjack” (2009) are the most detailed examples. 8 cities are simultaneously attacked/bombed in Operation Blackjack, which contained the hidden message “Predictive Programming 2.0”. 9/11 was similarly foretold in “fiction”.

8) Obama/the CIA needs a excuse to attack Syria, Iran, and the DHS’s primary “terrorism concern” (i.e. target) “right-wing gun owners”. False flag attacks, allegedly carried out by “Muslims plus domestic extremists”, would be ideal. This is the plot of Operation Blackjack.

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9) Occult numerology is a hallmark of false flag attacks. 9/11/14 is unlucky 13 years after 9/11/01, and Cameron’s ISIS statement plus 13 days is 9/11/14. 13 is also associated with death and upheaval in numerology. 8 is the sun worshippers/Freemasons number, as in 88 lbs of uranium and 888 pages in the Warren Commission Report. Masons serve Satan, whose number is 9.

10) The Neocons, who are behind most false flag operations, are hyping the ISIS threat. Lt. Gen. McInerney has even suggested attacks specifically on 9/11/14, partly to bury a new book about the Benghazi Scandal (due 9/9/14). The fake assassination of Osama bin Laden in 2011 buried Obama’s fake birth certificate, and the Sandy Hook Hoax buried his treasonous preparations for a U.S. civil war/military coup – 1.5 billion hollow point bullets etc.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-319761" alt="dhs" src="" width="520" height="343" />

As mentioned above, publicizing potential attacks on a specific date is a good way of preventing them. Hundreds of phone calls to radio shows on 9/11/14 saying, “this was a predicted government false flag operation, and here are 10 reasons why”, would cause problems.

John Kimber graduated in economics and psychology in the UK and frequently publishes on Before It’s News.



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