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I shot Osama!

To the idiot who came forward with this nonsense, ponder the following photos:


Here are a few cute photos verified fake from the past. These prove Al Quaida is as fake as aspartame, whatever face Al quaida has put on it is done to suit the day.

Remember when Osama was buried at sea? the photo that supported this, which was released by major media outlets, was a fake based upon a scene in a movie called Blackhawk down:

Aint that cute.

These next images are a few of the CIA's iterations of Osama. You can tell they wanted to give him a little life and use him for decades, but people caught onto that, so they buried him at sea (see Blackhawk down)


This first image is for reference. Here we have the real Osama:


Here we have a little bit younger osama:

But that was not young enough for a multi decade propaganda campaign, so here he is, younger, and a little fatter.

But that was not young enough, so here he is a little younger.

Now, That's young enough to keep people bamboozled for decades! Check the image sources to see where I am pulling these from, they are all major media releases. So, aside from a man who died from lack of dialysis in 2002, Osama was fake ever since.


Now let's get to the good stuffHere we have the dead osama, faked wholesale:


But this is not limited to Osama, here are more fakes:

Al Jazeera is a CIA operation that lies as much as CNN. The Arabs love it, despite having witnessed many fakes. The recent "uprising" was all fake using crisis actors. They got caught this time, but I'd bet even the Arab Spring was totally fake. Here is a video that proves it (I cannot embed with this site, Youtube will switch videos so just click the link). In this video, an injured protestor is proven to be a crisis actor, when his bloody shirt is pulled up, there is no injury underneath


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