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China unveils five second drone killer



China unveils anti-drone laser weapon able to shoot down ‘small aircraft’ within 5 seconds… from Russia Today,  Moscow



The US leads the world in drone combat experience

[ Editor’s Note: Well it seems the drone makers and drone killers are going to enjoy secure employment for some time. Hardly a month goes by that we don’t hear of some advance in the technology.

Looking back on it, drones have turned into a Pandora’s box. They were just wonderful in the beginning when no one else had any — cost effective, no lives at risk and difficult to track and shoot down.

But just like the US was the leader in cyber-warfare in the beginning, it forced everybody else to get into the game pronto. We now see that happening big time.

Major countries are developing their own production capabilities so as not to be exposed to the Western sanctions monster. Most have been having to develop these in stages, except for Iran who captured two of our state-of-the-art drones and had copies up in a little over a year.

This new China drone is not really for traditional military defense, as it is limited to targets under 500 meters. Unsaid in the report is that mini-nukes are now small enough to be carried on these, a tremendous threat. So their new 5-second countermeasure is a welcome advance, and the test results are impressive, if they are true. Countries never publish that things don’t work well.

We live in an age of un-war tested major weapons systems. And we hope that we do not get to see if ICBMs can be intercepted in space, far from their targets, in case they don’t work.


Drones come in all shapes and sizes now, including helicopters

Stealth technology is already outdated as countries with full spectrum radar satellite platforms can see the air turbulence behind a Stealth plane.

And yet the US is burying the defense budget in the “stealth” F-35, or using its huge cost overruns as a screen to fund black projects.

This makes us vulnerable to someone making a dumb move by over estimating their offense or the target’s defense. This I feel is why the US changed their preemptive strike policy to target anyone that could retaliate on an attack from us… pushing the bully thing to the max.

They don’t want potential opponents to have a defense, which is about an aggressive a stance as you can have. It is the position that Israel has enjoyed with its neighbors and their millions of occupation prisoners inside Israel. Did we learn it from them?… Jim W. Dean ]




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