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The Plane That Never Crashed - MH17 HOAX REVEALED!! (Warning Graphic) -vid

Date: Friday, 14-Nov-2014 18:29:48



The plane crash that never was.. MH17 never existed.. no plane was shot down, no plane crashed. The 'plane crash site' was staged on the ground. This video shows photos taken by a reporter who arrived on scene 20 minutes after the 'alleged' flight of MH17 purportedly hit the ground.

There is overwhelming proof that this crash site was staged. An airplane was cut up in pieces and trucked in on flatbed. The large pieces were dumped off right next to the road, smaller pieces were walked out into the field and dumped. Cadavers (who reeked of Formaldehyde and had no blood) were also dumped into the mix and then explosives were set off and an adjacent field was set on fire.

This was all staged by the recently installed puppet government of Ukraine in order to blame Russia and get WWIII started so the Banksters could rake in Trillions of Dollars.

Please check out the links below to verify what I'm saying here..


If this was a mid-air missile strike, where is the smoke from the missile?

Parts of the Malaysia Airlines plane found cut in half with diesel-powered saws.

Overhead Images Confirm MH17 Hoax


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