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Iran strikes back as US prepares for war

May 17, 2008

Think of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which prompted the first large-scale involvement of U.S. armed forces in Vietnam when you read this article. Congress granted approval for Lyndon B Johnson to escalate the war in Vietnam. carried a story today that shows that Iran is fully aware of the preparations the US and Israel are making. Under the heading "Iran strikes back at Satanic Bush" the Iranians wrote A top Iranian cleric urges countries to 'be more considerate of nations', hammering the US president as undeserving of any expectations.

"Iran is always delighted to hear good news from any Muslim country, but always objects when Zionism imposes hardships upon others," said Tehran's interim Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad Imami-Kashani.

"Our message and our genial approach to all countries but the Zionist regime has infuriated the Bush administration to such an extent that they now rely on such petty anti-Iran remarks," he continued.

"Bush is a satanic person, and we have no expectations of him... We do, however, request governments, parliaments and the officials of Muslim countries to be more considerate of nations," the senior cleric added in reference to atrocities being committed around the world.

Ayatollah Imami-Kashani concluded that Iran 'seeks nothing more than peace and stability' around the globe.

US President George W. Bush stepped up his hawkish rhetoric against the Islamic Republic on Thursday, branding Iran as 'the leading sponsor of terror' and hinted at another military action in the already volatile Middle East.

"Permitting the world's leading sponsor of terror to possess the world's deadliest weapon would be an unforgivable betrayal of future generations," Bush had preached in Israel on Thursday, describing those who seek diplomacy with Iran as 'Nazi appeasers'.

Meanwhile on the other side, In a Wednesday lecture at the Kansas State University, CIA Director Michael Hayden claimed that slaying US military forces has become the political strategy of Iran's highest governmental officials.

"It is my opinion, it is the policy of the Iranian government, approved to highest level of that government, to facilitate the killing of Americans in Iraq," maintained Hayden, just a day after the US steamed a second American aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf.

CIA Director Michael Hayden "Just make sure there's clarity on that," the CIA director continued.

His comments come at a time when a recent CBS report indicates that the US Defense Department had ordered military commanders to develop new war plans against Tehran, a claim echoed by top American analysts.

"I believe George Bush and Dick Cheney plan to take care of Iran before they leave office," former CIA analyst Ray McGovern said in an interview published in the Charleston Gazette on Wednesday.

"There's no doubt in my mind that the United States is planning right now, as we speak, a military strike against Iran. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and almost every senior US military official has pretty much acknowledged the same," former UN weapons inspector and now anti-war commentator Scott Ritter had told Democracy Now on Monday.

The US steamed its second aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf on Tuesday in what Washington has termed a 'reminder' of US power.

Senior US officials have been accusing the Iranian government of helping the spread of violence in Iraq without providing any concrete proof.

Pundits, however, say recent 'Washington hype' is a reminder of US preparations made prior to the Iraq war and signal efforts to prepare the public for a war on Tehran while shifting the blame of US failures in Iraq onto others."

The Iranian government ( political and religious ) on uses the word "Pundits" to provide the message for its people" Here are some examples.

"While the US has failed to provide any concrete evidence in support of its various accusations against Iran, pundits believe Bush is now trying to encourage the media to find a justification of its own to allow him to strike yet another oil-rich country before leaving office."

"Pundits say the US president's go-to-war rhetoric has exposed his flagrant disregard for concrete evidence and expert opinion."

"Pundits, however, say recent 'Washington hype' is a reminder of US preparations made prior to the Iraq war and signal efforts to prepare the public for a war on Tehran while shifting the blame of US failures in Iraq onto others."

As a direct message to the USA and Israel, on Thursday, Iran's Defense Minister said Israel "was too weak to launch an attack on Iran and the Islamic Republic was ready to repel any military invasion."


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