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Was Ukraine Hit by Tactical Nuke EMP Weapon? Israel ? (Video)


Thursday, November 20, 2014 7:34





Was Was Donetsk, Ukraine just hit by a tactical nuke EMP weapon of some type?  In the videos you’ll see a massive white hot explosion and then power goes out in the city.  Was this a tactical nuke EMP?  At the bottom of the episode, be sure to listen to an episode with VeteransToday Radio with the latest information about Ukraine coming from Jim Dean in the second hour.  VeteransToday has people on the ground in Ukraine reporting everything going on there.


The fake mainstream media in the US lies and tells you the puppet government of Kiev that is butchering Russians in East Ukraine are the good guys!  VeteransToday has already reported that Ukraine does have small tactical nuclear weapons that are extremely low yield.  These are known as micro nukes and can be made the size of a softball.  I don’t know if that’s what we’re seeing here or not but monitor VeteransToday for all new developments in Ukraine.  If this was a micro nuke, it will be reported by VeteransToday when they get confirmation.


Here are two videos that show the explosion in Donetsk









Episode of Veterans Today where you will get a briefing on Ukraine by Jim Dean in the second hour





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