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HAARP Array Experiment In Progress Across California

Date: Wednesday, 10-Dec-2014 18:52:14


HAARP Array Experiment In Progress Across California

The Illuminati / Cabal control the weather using HAARP and they caused the drought in to see HAARP being used to reverse the situation is quite a surprise. Is it possible that the resistance movement (good guys) have taken over control of HAARP and are now using it for good things?
I have not heard anything on this and just discovered it myself maybe others will know more on this topic.

Another odd thing I noticed today on this HAARP site (owned by the good guys) they are now predicting HAARP attacks showing yellow on the map for "Planned" HAARP attacks. How is this possible or is this another good thing in the works? Mr.Ed :)


The array is online and we are experimenting on the upper level jet stream into California. We will be bringing an end to the drought across the state, bringing in numerous storm systems across the area this month. California should have the most rainfall out of any state in the United States for the month of December 2014



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