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Yellowstone SuperVolcano Mind Blowing



(Before It's News)

The volcanic hotspot underneath Yellowstone is slowly migrating to the northeast (or, more accurately, the North American tectonic plate above the hotspot is migrating southwest). You can see the migration below: 

The volcanic hotspot is sloooooowly moving northeast

Unprecedented uplift of the Yellowstone Caldera of more than 28 inches (72 cm) over five decades has occured.  Satellite-based methods for tracking the Earth’s shifting ground motions have enabled University of Utah, U.S. Geological Survey, and other scientists to assemble a more precise and detailed picture of Yellowstone’s ground movements.


Global Positioning System (GPS) stations like this one in the Norris Geyser Basin can detect changes in elevation and horizontal shifts of 1 inch or less per year, helping scientists understand the processes that drive Yellowstone’s active volcanic and earthquake systems.

(Photo courtesy of Christine Puskas, University of Utah.)


If you can, listen to this clip in its entirety, the land is rising and so many tell tale signs, this is going to blow…..a new vent opened toward Mt. St. Helens direction said Tom Lupshu in his research.

Yellowstone SuperVolcano New Vent Tom Lupshu Says Eruption Imminent

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