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Is Ukraine, US and Israel Preparing for a Nuclear False Flag to Frame Russia?


Russia's State Advisor, Director of The Institute of Problems of Globalization, Doctor of Economics, author Mikhail Delyagin tells Anton Chelyshev on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio that Ukraine is preparing a new large-scale anti-Russian provocation. Below is the excerpt from a 40-minute interview, published on December 11, 2014/

The rest of the Russian text of the interview can be found on Delyagin's personal website


- Hello, Mikhail Gennadievich. Are we going to discuss President Putin's adress?


- The address of  President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly is extremely important. And, of course, it would be necessary to discuss it in the first place. Moreover, it gives us some quite certain distinct new perspectives. After Crimea I have great respect for the President. I had different stages of my assessment of the President, but after Crimea I have no doubts. But, unfortunately, as American Secretary of Defense once said -"there are more important things in the world". Today, I hope you listened to this address and you can always read, listen to the experts. I want to talk about things and information of a unique character, unfortunately. It is of a pretty nasty character and threatens us all very much.


- What kind of information?


- It is connected with geopolitics. Why did Ukrainian crisis happen, what is the fundamental reason? Why did Americans get into it so deep? The Europeans got there because of the assets, as the Germans in 1941 - to take more land, factories, power lines and other existing businesses - ports, mines. The Americans got in because in the world objectively, there are three global players: the US, China and the EU. But the European Union is independent and a player equal to America and China only in case of cooperation with Russia. Not integration, of course, but at least close and tight relationship. The destruction of EU cooperation with Russia eliminates it as an independent participant in global competition, which is what we see now. The Americans did not get into this to get Russia. With all my patriotism, 2.5 percent of global GDP at market prices, up to 3 %, almost 4 percent of global GDP in purchasing power parity, it is not something that plays a global role. The global role is affected when instead of three actors in the global competition, if you tear the European Union and Russia, only two will remain. The EU will be  no more. And this was the strategic objective of the Americans, which, unfortunately, neither we nor the Europeans realized. We possibly realized, but we were focused on a local task - how to appease Yanukovych. How could we explain to him that he should take money from us, than give it to the Europeans.

As a result, Americans have achieved outstanding success. We are in a real cold war. Ukraine is in a hot civil war. The talk about some sort of a ceasefire... let's not bring out the horrible details, but peaceful civilians are killed every day. But the problem isn't solved. Because despite the fact that the Russian Federation did not invade Ukraine, did not get involved in the war, despite the fact that we turned ourselves into a trash can for spitting, despite the aggressiveness of the European Union, the European Union has very strong sentiments in favor of not quarreling with the Russians. The mood is the following: the Russians may be right or wrong, but they are big, and we need to trade with someone. It is cool to trade with them. If they are wrong, well, we will believe our political bosses, let us trade with them from a distance. Why break up the relationship. But Europe suffers from many ailments. It suffers from our poverty too. Because if only 40% of our tourists now travel to Europe from a year ago, this is a very severe blow to many tourist economies of Europe. And they think it's a result of their sanctions, and not a result of our stupidity. And there is a very strong mood to restore relations with Russia, whether we're right or wrong.

Here is what happened in Milan recently. Our delegation of businessmen in suits and ties, after difficult negotiations, not very successful, were looking for an authentic restaurant. Where local Italians eat. Found this restaurant, went inside. There is a sudden moment of silence, because the guys are in suits. Who are they? This is a local neighborhood restaurant. The guys decided to relax, asked if there is any Russian vodka by chance? They were  asked: you are probably Russians? Well, Yes, we are Russians. Whispers. Vodka comes out on the house. But that's not the point. After the whispers subsided in about five minutes the locals stood up and applauded. And chanted: "Putin! Russia!" This lasted for about five minutes. Then everyone went about their business, not to bother the Russians. But this would be unimaginable even a year ago. Or two years ago. People in Europe feel that their rulers have sold them to the Americans. What has never happened before. Well, almost never. In the 1950's, maybe it did.

Because democracy, albeit perverted, is still preserved, this pressure seeps upward. And the task of the Americans - to finally rip Russia from Europe - is not solved. Europe does not want to switch to the American shale gas - it is more expensive and it is unstable. Europe likes Russian pipeline gas. Europe does not want to abandon Russia as a market for selling cars and wine. It doesn't want to destroy the relationship. The brilliant affair with the Malaysian Boeing failed. Nothing came of it. Now the British can demonstrate after some time the replaced fragments of the Boeing with fragments of Buk with a factory number stuck in them. But no one will believe this anymore. Because everyone remembers how the anti-Russian hysteria had stopped, as soon as the Russian General staff began to ask questions. It just halted all of a sudden. And this was the answer to who shot down the Boeing in reality.

The sequel is coming. there will be another provocation. And what will the next provocation be? We got some information. Moreover, first the information came from former Novorossia, from Kharkov. And this information I was not very inclined to trust, because Ukraine is embraced in a mass psychosis, and it's saturated with rumors. But then came an indirect confirmation of this information from the West. I really hope that it's a fake. I really hope that this is hostile propaganda. But you know, better be safe than sorry. The point is: Ukrainian army goes on the offensive. Yes, it doesn't have the strength for the offensive and the level of demoralization is monstrous. Therefore it pretends to attack. Valiant soldiers carry out a massive artillery preparation. And all the Western media, not to mention Ukrainian, shout in unison about the liberation of another 300 square meters of Donetsk airport, for example. After that a tactical nuclear warhead explodes in the zone of the offensive of the Ukrainian army. Then everyone shouts that the monstrous Russia used nuclear weapons. Conversations about changing our military doctrine are moving in that direction. The liberal intelligentsia is already hysterically screaming about it. This is that which will be extremely difficult to clean up from. That which our military is not capable of, in principle, even theoretically. And that which is quite normal for the Americans, because both times of the use of nuclear weapons in the history of mankind it was them. To use it the third time is not so difficult.

Moreover, there were reports about wonderful Estonian port Paldiski - former Baltic, there is now a large warehouse of radioactive waste from all over Estonia, may be even from across the Baltic States. Spent x-ray medical devices and so on. And there NATO, U.S. military reportedly delivered some cargo, which also radiates, but in no case is it a waste to be disposed of. Just that the stock of radioactive waste is used as a disguise for the background. Similarly, there are a few other strange stories. For example, there have been some experts from the private military companies in the beginning of the conflict. And the man (his name and last name are known) was placed in the deepest quarantine due to radiation sickness. Apparently, he died there. Former father of chemical weapons is a bit of a different story, but under Saddam Hussein, the man who created chemical weapons, went to negotiations with representatives of the European Union in the center of Kiev, and there in the center of Kiev he was assassinated. Democracy, who would pay attention? But such episodes are very disturbing. Now the scheme is as follows. Unable to explain to anyone that Malaysian Boeing was hit by damned Russian animals, damned Russian barbarians. So we will explain to everyone that the damned Russian barbarians had used nuclear weapons against defenseless Ukrainian army.


- If possible, do you have information about how this warhead would be delivered to the zone of the Ukrainian army?


- No. Understand, I am not the competent authority. I just don't know. In principle, it could be a cruise missile that will fly somewhere from afar, just on a low flight, below all of the locators. This could be a fixed delivery.


- Is the follow up script known?


- It's very simple. They all begin to shout, as we have just seen with the story of Malaysian Boeing that Putin is personally to blame. Actually no officer in the Russian Federation, no general of the Russian Federation, no last idiot in the Russian Federation can deploy a tactical nuclear weapon without the direct order from the Supreme Commander. After that all the liberal intelligentsia of the Russian Federation in unison begins to apologize to the West for the despicable criminal regime. We just went through this with the Malaysian Boeing. With all these Makareviches and others. Next - the regime is declared criminal, all relations are broken, including banking transactions. And here no European politician, at least from Germany, from France, and others, will be able to say: no, guys, they certainly did something not very good, but we will still continue to buy their gas, because it is advantageous. Because they will be shown Ukrainian children burnt with radiation disease and all that is necessary to present in such cases. And this is not Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Because then the Americans were the winners. Now we will be the losers. That's the difference. Global media is tightly controlled by the Americans. I think that Russia Today will be banned in all Western countries and in Japan, and all countries that want to trade with the West and Japan, just on demand. It is quite possible, which seems theoretically impossible. Given the infinite cynicism of our American, as many say - "colleagues".

Given that Mr. Obama now, if not a lame rooster, anyway lame duck in the American classification. Because he has a hostile Parliament. His power is very limited. And he needs to do something, just to survive, not to be eaten slowly and piece by piece. He has to radically change the situation. Poroshenko is in a similar situation. He tried to radically change the situation on November 1st. There almost began a large-scale frontal attack. The militia, as far as I can tell, knew about it in advance. So a preventive artillery preparation took place, and in some cases there was no one left to attack. A mini-Kursk happened. It is unpopular to talk about it here, and in the West, and in Ukraine. Everywhere for different reasons. It's like what happened to the Georgian special forces during the war in 2008? Also no one likes to remember that. But this provocation can have terrible consequences, not just for the history of Russia, not just for Europe but for the whole humanity. I coined the phrase, I loved it and was very proud of, I kept saying that they tried to ignite a third world war in Ukraine, but it didn't work out, because the firewood was wet. Some people who are fighting and dying there were offended. But from the perspective of a third world war it is true - the firewood is wet. It's not an Islamic state.

But suddenly there is a prospect that it will still be able to ignite. Because it is an absolute crime. And no evidence will be left. This is not Malaysian Boeing, from which there are three tons of cargo left. And everyone walked around and took pictures. There will be nothing to photograph. And to prove that it's not us, will be impossible. Western representatives under the guise of Russian journalists are sitting in Donetsk and intensely searching for the Russian military. Were looking during the peak of hostilities. We know these people. Top professionals and with that professionally absolutely debilitated people. They don't take care of themselves and don't know what to look for. They sat there during all the hot months and saw nothing. But it is not a proof for anyone. And for themselves it is not a proof. They say: we do not see anything, but we know that they are there. No one cares about the reality. They invented the myth that Russia is to blame, and they work with this myth to the fullest. And impose sanctions on the next day after Russia forces to sign a peace agreement. Violate these peace agreements, shelling cities, carrying out genocide on the eve of the winter. And Russia is to blame. This is normal.

But when this position is supported by a tactical nuclear explosion, gentlemen, we will not clear ourselves. It will be impossible to defend. Given the proportion of liberal propaganda in Russia. Given the idiotism of the liberal propaganda in Russia. Given the influence of liberal institutions in the state authorities. Given the helplessness of people who would like to live in Russia, before the liberals who work here just on a rotational basis. Sorry, this will be a catastrophic situation. And it is unlikely to happen right now, in mid-December. Because for a shock value it must happen on a Holy day. So I think that the threat exists before Christmas. The strongest threat. I may be wrong on the details. Because this is an indirect data. I didn't hold the candle, I have no blood writings and I don't have agents, to bring you hard evidence. And moreover, I sometimes make mistakes with dates. I thought a coup by Ukrainian Nazis will happen on the first day of the Olympics, but it happened on the last day of the Olympics. Colleagues, I made a mistake, it happens.

Translated by Kristina Rus for


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