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Terror attack in France?

With question mark because the news is too early for a debunk. (update, debunked.) Here is the plot:Comic magazine Charlie Hebdo produced anti Islamic cartoons.


Three well armed "terrorists" stormed the place with machine guns ablaze while screaming "Allahu Akbar".

Terrorists escape completely, while shooting at police all over Paris, 10 dead.


UPDATE: BUSTED, THEY ARE SHOOTING BLANKS.I just saw the key video that clearly shows a police officer getting shot in the head by an AK47 at point blank. Problems: No brain splatter, no blood splatter, white smoke off the barrel dispersing in a wide cloud (which blanks do,) no body lurch at bullet impact,



Updates continuing, discuss this on the ForumUpdate: Month 1, day 7, hour 11. Here is the 11 theme again. Supposedly the "terrorists" struck at that time because they somehow knew all the top people for the publication would be there in a big meeting at that time. QUESTION: How would they know this? That is the type of info only an insider would have, how did an obviously professional hit team get that info?


Update: In THIS VIDEO there is no blood, and it looks like a drill. When the guy is shot, he just falls down like cops and robbers.

I got sick of cops and robbers as a kid, because even if you got the other guy he probably would not fall down. So I made a rule - everyone had to wear safety glasses, and we used bb guns because you would always jump if you really got hit. One pump only on multi pump guns. No one could fake not getting hit. WHY DID THIS GUY NOT JUMP WHEN SHOT? A game of cops and robbers (my style) calls B.S. on this.


Question:Do Muslims always scream Allahu Akbar while they shoot places up? With no one identified, and only that phrase for incrimination, ANYONE COULD HAVE DONE IT, and that is IF it even happened and it is not just another psy op.


Another video

Another video Livecast

Supposedly they had a rocket launcher. How did they get that through customs?

UPDATE: Supposedly they were obvious professional hit men, and there was decent video shot of the whole thing. Video links here:">"


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