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Intel Drop January 7, 2015-VT

Posted by Gordon Duff on January 7, 2015


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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Just a few short notes that don’t belong in an article.  Emadi from Press TV is no longer on the website.  Press TV is a key issue because they have been a good news source and have offered readers and viewers, those who aren’t blocked, worthwhile content.  It was our job to see they could be as good as we could help them to be.  We will now very carefully watch where things go.

Our loyalty is to survival and fact, not Iran or whoever.  If you have noticed VT “upping its game,” it is because of necessity.

Nuclear 9/11

A few months ago, we released classified docs on nuclear 9/11.  We were challenged by physicists, particularly a group from Sweden that did modeling on nuclear explosions.  We answered all their questions, which they say moved their research forward, as our data is well beyond anything they could get otherwise.

This is our challenge.  Our VT nuclear education series, including our published peer reviewed papers that were part of the 2003 DOE 9/11 Report.

Much of the problem we deal with here at VT is trying to get around gag orders from the Houston grand jury that was seated to investigate Able Danger and the aftermath which seems to include 9/11 as well.  They have been around for years, have gone after VT, gone after me personally, and, I believe, exist only to block information and intimidate witnesses.

In order to move forward, challenging our team of former IAEA and current Los Alamos personnel, we are asking the physics community to review the DOE hypothesis on 9/11, weapons design, the 9/11 nuclear scenario and our work on blast effects.  To participate, actual standing is required.

I will push our guys to try to release more material and address hard questions that push the edge of nuclear declassification to the limits.  Only real CV folks need apply, no amateurs.

We want real work, I want real challenges from qualified people who either disagree or want more information.  We went through this in July and August and took on all comers.  We need to do it again simply because the story is that important to America.

Saudi Deceit?

The head of Saudi intel was in DC this week, asking for the US to defend poor defenseless Saudi Arabia from ISIS.  The Saudis claim ISIS has 700 fighters in a camp right there in the open.  What they expect us to not know is that the Saudis have hundreds of M1A tanks, F15 aircraft and a huge friggin’ army.

They also have full access to satellite intelligence and nothing can move they don’t see.

This week, the Saudi/Iraqi border was attacked.  The Saudi’s claim one of their generals was killed by a suicide bomber and 2 or 3 border guards killed.

The US believes two Iraqi border guards were killed and two ISIS fighters in a Toyota.

What we are now hearing is that the Saudis may well have attacked themselves, classic False Flag, as a backdrop to their “pity us” visit to the US.  This hypothesis is not without considerable backing.

You see, with cheap quality Iraqi oil worth 25 a barrel on the market today and with it costing 30 a barrel to transit, ISIS is making nothing on stolen oil.  This means ISIS is getting their cash from Saudi and there is a game afoot.

Also, if you check Google Earth, looking at the areas of the supposed attacks and where the ISIS fighters came from, the smell is overwhelming.  The real southern ISIS supply route goes from Tel Aviv to Amman to Ramadi with another up from Saudi Arabia.

What the Pentagon and Tel Aviv want you to believe is that ISIS fighters who are trained in Jordan get there by parting the Red Sea like Moses.  You see, according to the map above, you can’t get to the Middle East, not realistically, without an Israeli visa in your passport.

Someone should tell Gareth Porter this.



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