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Gordon Duff: Paris False Flag Attack Not Even Filmed in Paris! Beyond a Joke!

 Paris False Flag Attack Not Even Filmed in Paris! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015 21:53




(Before It's News)



Gordon Duff, senior editor of VeteransToday reports the Paris Attack is absolutely the most childish false flag attack he’s seen!   He reports that this false flag attack wasn’t even filmed in Paris!   Please SHARE his report on all Facebook groups and through all social media to expose this HOAX!   YOU are the media!   Send Gordon’s report on the Paris attack Viral and get more people to for the truth!  Gordon Duff for President!  He announced he is not opposed to running and if he does, he will run with Mike Harris as Vice President!  I say, let’s start the campaign now!   We now have something to get excited about.  Gordon Duff will be releasing the free energy and Ending the Federal Reserve on Day one!  I will be posting the entire show on Friday night if all goes well to this youtube channel.


Gordon Duff: Paris False Flag Wasn’t Even Filmed in Paris!



Here’s more things Gordon Duff reported as he destroyed the official fairy tale of the Fake News on the Paris Attack!

Gordon Duff does forensic analysis on events and he’s gone over the Paris Attack extensively using the high definition video on Live Leak.

He reports the weapons don’t eject shell casings.  Sounds is that of AK-47′s firing blanks!

The event wasn’t even filmed in Paris!  They did an extensive search using their Premium Google Earth at street level and examined every street within a mile of the address.  There are no streets in Paris that match the scene of the attack!  

This is not a street in Paris.  There is no sidewalk like that in Paris, no place where cars are parked 5 feet apart without motor bikes and dog poop on the sidewalk!

Bullets of AK-47 have steel rods in them used to penetrate body armor.  These rods take out baseball sized chunks out of concrete.  None of this was seen!  

Guy that fires at police officer turns the gun away from his head to not kill him with the blast from blanks.

“Dead” cop is later seen walking around after he’s dead!

Shooting scene is falsified.

Weapons are not real, sound is not of a real AK-47 that has a supersonic crack.

Mike Harris and Gordon Duff both lived in Paris and were familiar with the area.

Gordon Duff reports this false flag attack is beyond a joke.   He said it’s absolutely disgusting and is the most childish thing he’s ever seen!


Stew Webb reported he has seen Mitch McConnell on TV saying they had to pass more Terrorism Insurance because of the Paris Attack!  Senate Votes to Extend Terrorism Insurance  Program.    I wonder who’s getting paid big bucks to increase insurance premiums for terrorism insurance?   





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