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Paris Attack Proven Fake By Smoking Gun Video! Case Closed!





Smoking Gun Video Proves Paris Attack was Fake and done in two takes!   Case Closed!


As you’ll see in the video above, the recent Paris attack has now been proven to be a total hoax that was done in at least two takes!  This video clearly shows that it was done in multiple takes!   In the first take, the men get out of the car and there is no line on the road near the right front tire.  But somebody really messed up in the second take and a line is clearly seen by the right front tire of the car as the men get into the car!   There’s no way that could be fluid dripping from the car since it appears in 30 seconds and that car looks brand new!   So I think this was a marking line they put there to line up the car for the second take so they would have the perfect view from that guy filming!  Notice also that the zoom is totally different when they go back to the car and the angle is different too!  You can’t tell me that a guy filming this carnage would be messing with his zoom as people are gunned down around him!  


Alternative media is being rocked right now as the controlled opposition continues to push this attack as being real while all their listeners already know it’s 100% fake!   It’s going to be interesting to see the gatekeepers in alternative media start to twist and turn over the weekend and into next week as their listeners bail by the millions.  Gordon Duff, who just announced he is running to be the President of the United States has completely exposed this Paris Attack as not even bing filmed in Paris!   There is no such street and his team has walked the entire area using premium version of Google maps!   Plus we even have a fake news reporter slipping up and saying “The blood on the ground which has been put there!”


Fake News Reporter saying “The blood on the ground which has been put there”



This video CLEARLY shows that the cop on the ground was not hit by anything!  They were shooting blanks just as Gordon stated by the distinct sound of a REAL AK-47 shooting REAL rounds.




BREAKING – Police Chief Helric Fredou Investigating Charlie Hebdo DIES MYSTERIOUSLY!


I urge everybody to go to the original footage of the attack on LiveLeak and you can easily see this for yourself!   Spread the truth everywhere.  We have the smoking gun video that proves they did this in at least two takes!


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