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Western treachery supports Kiev’s new offensive – Press TV

Posted by Jim W. Dean on January 23, 2015

The New World Order gangsters have launched their winter offensive in Ukraine

The West has supported Kiev attacks on the SE Republics while pretending to support a political solution


<img class=" wp-image-341942" src="" alt="Kiev used its airport postions to attack Donetsk all during the "ceasefire"" width="296" height="227" />

Kiev used its airport postions to attack Donetsk all during the “ceasefire”

Treachery reigned and the guns roared as Kiev launched its new Western-backed offensive on the SE Republics.

Kiev, as expected by many, used this last ceasefire as it has all of those before it, to regroup and prepare its troops for the next offensive.

The Republics are not stupid and have certainly been anticipating new attacks. Being prepared to face the West’s puppet government has been a matter of life and death for them, and that tends to focus one’s mind. I suspect Russian Intelligence has been assisting. The US would be doing exactly the same to protect Americans, if the situation were reversed.

Of course NATO and the EU have been privy to Kiev’s offensive plans. Their role was to make conciliatory gestures to feign their sincerity in a negotiated settlement.

I was surprised, and I admit… a bit taken in by the statements that I heard, mistakenly attributing them to growing political pressure in the EU, whose people were “co-sanctioned” along with the Russian people.

Collateral damage

<img class="alignright wp-image-341279" src="" alt="European Unemployment Ratee" width="279" height="293" />

The US and NATO have not demonstrated that they view the economic damage on the working class Europeans as anything more than collateral damage.

This is not the attitude of an ally, but something else, something much more sinister and dangerous.

Thirty civilians were murdered in the latest shelling attacks, and a hospital was struck, killing a doctor. They have crossed over the line into the war crimes arena – those who pretended to be negotiating while planning an offensive.

The New World Order gangsters have launched their winter offensive. France had been wavering, with Hollande having made statements that the removal of sanctions on Russia should not be tied to progress on Ukraine, as that held the French and EU people as hostages to those elites who planned and started this new Cold War offensive.

Hollande said the sanctions should be removed because of the damage they were causing to Europeans, an obvious and easy to understand self-interest. But he made a mistake in thinking that the gangsters would give a hoot about that.

He should have studied their track record more. The Zionists were certainly ready and willing to join in a terror campaign on Europe to teach it a lesson for passing those pro-Palestinian statehood votes.

Netanyahu hits new lows


I won’t review Netanyahu’s disgraceful behavior last week, as it has been well reported. His turning a victims’ memorial into a dual campaigning event was bad enough.

But then he insulted his host by huckstering French Jews to replace those Jews fleeing Israel when they realized it is a gangster territory hiding behind a phony biblical real estate title.

No world leader has debased himself like this in a long time, but Bibi would certainly have been the first bet. I have long editorialized on the crisis in leadership that we endure.

To make it even worse, our civic institutions regularly honor such people, when they should be booed off the stage whenever they show themselves in public. It reminds me of the circus great P. T. Barnum’s famous line, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Paris psyops

The Paris shooting had psyops fingerprints all over it. It was just an “opening stage” event with more to follow. Some 30-40 years of experience at this helps the instincts kick in. All that needed to be done was to wait for the media campaign to manipulate the public to see where the real terrorists were going to make their next moves.

The Sunday American network talk shows are a major propaganda organ. The elite manipulators often team up with our corrupt media to kick off the next week’s psyops. This Sunday they came on stage as expected with their terror scare campaign.

They used senators for their deemed credibility, but they forget we already know what phonies so many of them are.

The scare campaign began with Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin grabbing the scare hype microphone to warn about sleeper cells here in the US as a headline grabber. But the weasel that he is, he never cites any Intel reports or evidence for this “sleeper threat” whatsoever… but that his concerns were based solely on the Paris attacks.

He then makes the ludicrous statement that combating ISIL is not enough (a dig at Obama)… but that “ISIL has to be defeated”.

Frankenstein monster

Ron Johnson… not just the Tea Party’s double agent…

Senator Johnson knows that the US military in Jordan, our Persian Gulf allies, and Turkey have been training and supporting ISIL for quite some time. Everybody knows this.

France has been complicit in allowing French Muslims to become terrorist opponents of Syria, and then getting to use them twice when they came home to lock down on the French people.

Are you beginning to get the picture? I think silly Senator Johnson thinks he can resell a new War on Terror to the American people, when we have figured out who the most dangerous terrorists are.

Ex-CIA director Panetta got some Sunday airtime to deliver his bombshell of “the world is facing a much more aggressive form of terrorism”. Gosh Leon, you are right… but it is state-sponsored terrorism sir, and we are onto that proxy game. Even the taxicab and bus drivers and a lot of the veterans are.

Next came Senator Ben Cardin, who also has a weak staff, delivering his words of national security wisdom, that the Intelligence community needs to focus on “domestic terrorism”.

Ding, ding, ding. Thank you Ben for telling us what the scam is. For your information, the average American has more of a chance of being struck by lightning or murdered by a relative that dying in a terrorist attack. Shame on you.


But moving over across the pond, we find the Brits trotting out Ex MI-6 head John Sawyers (forgive me, but I don’t do the sir bit) to drop the big propaganda bomb on us. Are you all sitting down in a safe place?

Sawyer actually stated in public that Mideast terrorism was a bigger threat to Europe than the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. Now I am going to give you a minute to let that sink in, rub your eyes and re-read it as I had to do.

The man actually said this. You just can’t make this stuff up. This is the guy who, when he was retiring and being honored at a going away dinner, stated that Iran would already have had “the bomb” if not for some of the things MI-6 did to slow them down.

I assumed this meant MI-6 being involved in murdering the Iranian nuclear scientists. But John knows that this would not have had any real effect on a bomb program if Iran did have one.

The true purpose was to goad Iran’s Republican Guard into doing retaliatory attacks on the West, which would have then been used as a pretext for a bombing campaign on Iran. But Iran did not take the bait. They have learned to not go for the feints.

Russia has not either. When Moscow saw the preparation for the recent Kiev offensive, it actually trotted out someone with some credibility, Mr. Lavrov, who never makes threats. But he warned that if Kiev were to seek a military solution there would be serious consequences.

Putin … Always on an even keel, measured responses guaranteed

The master of the unexpected, Putin has countered with a call for all heavy weapons to be removed from all of SE Ukraine – Kiev AND the Republics – as the only way to stop the escalating violence and save the Minsk talks. This is the last thing the West expected him to do.

The US Central Command, surely just by luck, happened to have a team in Kiev just as this new offensive was kicking off to discuss training the army and “advising” on the SE Ukraine situation.

That was preceded last week by two ships from Australia and Canada carrying winter uniforms for Kiev’s troops, not a good sign that Western intentions on negotiations were sincere.

To eliminate any doubt that rogue Ukrainian elements or oligarch thugs were responsible for the major shelling in the Republics, we have none other than Poroshenko’s spokesman confirming that Kiev’s military had been ordered to begin heavy shelling on all militia positions in SE Ukraine. Fifty different attacks were registered.

McCain in a 1970 meeting with a Spanish psychiatrist outside of the North Vietnamese prison camp

Don’t expect to see the US military there any time soon, when there is so much Ukrainian cannon fodder still left to use. Mad man John McCain is leading a group of US lawmakers to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, (skipping Turkey), the main state-sponsored terrorism axis.

We are expected to swallow that they are converting to being anti-terrorist, but I don’t think many are going to buy that.

Last but not least, we have McCain’s announcement of his New Year’s gift to the US armed forces. He wants them sent to fight ISIL on the ground, to make widows and orphans and amputees fighting so-called terrorists that we have also been supporting… as a smokescreen to fool people at home.

Dear John, we are not fooled. And by the way, if we can somehow talk the Russians into giving us your interrogation files from Vietnam, where you gave them all the flight packets of the  incoming missions so they could concentrate their AA-batteries on your fellow navy pilots, you can bet your behind we will publish them in a jiffy, and maybe even on Press TV.



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