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Caught: BBC Fail in Ukraine, (updated)

Posted by Gordon Duff on February 17, 2015

BBC Fraudster Nearly Killed By His Own Propaganda

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Former “Tea Boy” makes it up

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The sound are incoming mortar rounds, 82mm.  Outgoing they aren’t silent but they aren’t loud either.  Watch this BBC clown try to fool an audience into believing incoming mortars are outgoing heavy artillery rounds, until something goes terribly wrong.

His name is Ian Pannell. He doesn’t know the difference in sound between incoming and outgoing artillery until it becomes personal.  He has done it before, Syria.  This is why the BBC and in particular BBC Panorama can’t be trusted.  Why then would an Israeli asset like Pannell be in the Ukraine running a “psyop?”

Listen to the telltale sound of real “outgoing” artillery.  “Outgoing mail” cuts the air with a distinct sound Mr. Pannell seems strangely or conveniently unfamiliar with.

<iframe width="500" height="281" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

He is standing at the Donetsk airport, accusing local defenders of destroying their own cities in what he terms is a “scorched earth policy.”

The cities are being destroyed, with up to 50,000 killed according to German sources, by Kiev based artillery, US supported, Israeli backed, indiscriminately firing long after the cease fire has begun.

Pannell is there to blame the victims.  He nearly becomes one, clearly an act by a god with a sense of humor.  You need a sense of humor to watch the BBC.

It gets even better, Pannell, as soon as he changes his shorts, states without evidence as is always the case that the “rebels” did this themselves.  According to Pannell, rebels are shelling their own cities.

Only weeks before, Pannell was in Aleppo doing prettymuch the same thing, defending ISIS as he defends the ultra-nationalist junta in Kiev, the job of a paid propagandist.  From Global Research:

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922
DL3 0UR4 October 2013

To Whom It May Concern

I wish to complain that the report purporting to show the aftermath of an alleged incendiary bomb attack in Aleppo, transmitted by the BBC on 29 August and published on the BBC news website here contains a large degree of fabrication.

I understand that the first thirty seconds of the report were filmed by an unnamed non-BBC party, and so presume that, as Panorama reporter Ian Pannell is visible between 1:44 and 1:46 (walking, at the left of the picture) and again at 2:18 beside Dr Rola, that the remainder of the report, from 0:30 onwards, was filmed by BBC cameraman Darren Conway. Please correct me if I am wrong and if any part of the footage beyond 0:30 was filmed by other BBC employees or non-BBC third parties.

The piece begins with Ian Pannell’s narration over a short piece of the non-BBC footage stating “an old blanket to cover a corpse”. However what is shown from 00:16 to 00:23 is a blanket being draped over a ledge…


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