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Clintons Desperate To Dissipate “Orgy Island” Underage Sex Scandal > Politics > Clintons Desperate To Dissipate “Orgy Island” Underage Sex Scandal

Last week various media outlets/blogs/etc. began asking the basic question of where Hillary Clinton had seemingly disappeared to. Possibilities ranged from her undergoing a rigorous diet and exercise regime, to plastic surgery, to a somewhat serious medical issue. (She has been hospitalized several times in recent years)

Now those more speculative rumors are being pushed aside by something else – a far more potentially damaging scenario that could derail the Clintons’ hope for another tenure inside the White House:

An underage sex scandal.

(Above, Clinton was in typical form being photographed recently with two “Bunny Ranch” call girls. America is indifferent to such examples, but would it be so forgiving if the former president’s sexual exploits included underage girls?)


Hillary Clinton has not given any kind of press conference or media interview in nearly two hundred days. Even if her political handlers were attempting to minimize over-exposure prior to an official presidential announcement, 200 days would be well beyond that tactical scenario.


No, Hillary’s disappearance mirrors the bubbling under the surface scandal that has direct ties to her perpetually “good-time any time” husband and former president, Bill Clinton. Normally the Clintons would shrug off whispers of infidelity. Such things have become as much a part of their persona as Hillary’s cackle or Bill’s lip biting.


An underage sex scandal is an entirely different animal though, one that likely has the Clinton Machine grinding its gears in double-time in the hopes of containing what could quickly escalate into a damaging and possibly politically crippling scandal.


The Enquirer is among a handful of media outlets circling the story, but to date, the Mainstream Media has dutifully ignored the scandal even as a Florida court case remains pending.


Billionaire and big time DNC donor Jeffrey Epstein created what court documents described as an underage “orgy island” with Bill Clinton allegedly among the location’s most frequent visitors. The relationship between Clinton and Epstein continued even after Epstein served time on pedophile charges and became a registered sex offender. The girls involved in the detailed sex ring are said to have been as young as twelve years old.




Virginia Roberts  (above right) claims to have been just 15 years old when she began “working” for Epstein as a high profile client sex slave. Court documents link her specifically to trysts with Prince Andrew of Britain. Those same court docs indicate that although she saw Bill Clinton at the “orgy island” compound, she did not engage in sexual acts with the former president herself – though it appears Clinton was likely at the island when such underage sex-themed get-togethers were ongoing and Roberts did indicate she saw the former president arrive at the compound with, “two young girls.”


Roberts-related court documents further outline the relationship between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein is said to have had no fewer than twenty-one private email addresses and phone numbers for either Clinton or a Clinton aide. A recent New York Post report described Epstein’s particular (and illegal) appetites with the following:

In all, it’s believed Epstein had 40 victims in Palm Beach alone. The Daily Beast reported that some of Epstein’s victims claimed he imported girls from Europe and South America, and that three were 12 years old. They were a treat to himself for his birthday.


Yet more damning implications recently revealed is the $3.5 million Epstein wired to the Clinton Foundation from a secret Swiss account just after the initial federal investigation into his underage exploits was initiated. The FBI investigation was soon after abruptly halted amid whispers of “considerable pressure” from powerful figures that Epstein to be given a quick and easy sentence. Epstein ended up serving just over a year for a soliciting a minor charge – most of that time spent via house arrest at his Florida mansion.


The pending Virginia Roberts case has Hillary’s team in a near panic though. Not so much for what Roberts might say, but rather out of fear of other women coming forward to implicate Bill Clinton as a regular participant in Epstein’s underage sex exploits. Clinton operatives have been scouring all court documents and related witness lists trying to determine if such a risk exists. Some are suggesting the reaction has gone well beyond the review phase and that “significant” monies have already been spent to keep certain individuals quiet and the scandal contained.

It appears that for Hillary Clinton, four dead in Benghazi doesn’t make a difference, but having her former president husband’s alleged proclivities for underage girls does warrant her full attention…


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