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Donbass Under Fire: On the Roads of War

America’s Ethnic Cleansing Attempt in Donbass – Documentary

Posted by Jim W. Dean on February 22, 2015

The Hamas “rockets” look like firecrackers compared to what the Ukie military has inflicted on these civilians

Donbass Under Fire: On the Roads of War…by Maxim Fadeyev



Death in Donbass

[ Editor’s Note: I have been watching a lot of Donbass video clips this week — way more than usual because I finally found some websites with English translations.

After all this time, I needed the “in your face” visuals and to also hear the people who are fighting have their say with no filters… especially the civilians who have been targeted.

What was easy to spot right away was the “neo-Israeli method” of punishing the civilian targets when the military opponents are hard to get at. The West, and especially the US, has been ‘ho hum” about the atrocities in Gaza because US weapons are used, and the American taxpayers are footing the bill.

The Hamas “rockets” look like firecrackers compared to what the Ukie military has inflicted on these civilians, without a word of protest from our government or military.

The US public continues to get robbed via a cheap hustle, which sadly includes some of our military brass of questionable loyalty, where they set up a strategic weapons reserve in Israel, when we already have numerous bases in the region. Since Israel never wanted any US bases there… we in effect put them completely in charge, including handing over the keys.

This lets them use what they want, delivering munitions to third parties while we have deniability, and allows the Zios to steal and sell off whatever they want, to whomever they choose… like ISIL for example. Everyone knows there would never be an investigation about it.


The Ukies shelled civilian areas with no concern, because their targets were ethnic Russians

I have never put up an hour long video, but this really is a series of mini documentaries by this small filmmaker crew, who are literally wandering around in the combat zone to catch whatever crosses their paths, exactly what I would have done, notwithstanding the language firewall.

If you only have an hour to invest into what has happened to these people… why, and how what they think, straight from the horse’s mouth — this is it. What you are about to see is the US support of a terror war on these people, pure and simple.

Instead of the Mideast ploy of using Jihadi terrorist proxies in place of US troops, thus avoiding all the public blowback, they created this new tool of rolling Nazi terrorists into the Ukrainian military to use for a proxy army against Russia, to slaughter the Donbass Russians and to bait Moscow moving in to protect them, and hopefully nailing them as aggressors.

No war crimes investigations have even begun yet. Our corporate media whores do not utter a word about them, nor does the phony United Nations. State-sponsored terrorism has gone mainstream, because that is where the immunity from punishment is for now.

So I will tell you straight out that if we do not begin a counterattack on diplomatic immunity for this kind of mass murder, it is only going to get worse. These people you are about to see constituted zero threat to Kiev. They wanted to protect themselves from what the US and EU proxy coup-meisters publicly stated they were going to do to them.


Yulia Tymoshenko… the “Nuke em all” lady

Remember Julia Tymoshenko’s phone intercept about nuking all the ethnic Russians in Donbass?

“Tymo the Terrible” was the darling of the McCain NeoCon terrorists, who are essentially our own American ISIL with suits on, and who, in the slaughtering contest so far, make the ISIL folks look like girl scouts.

Think about that. We are paying the salaries of people we have elected to do this, just like Donbass was sending pension taxes to Kiev, but Kiev used the money to kill them, and then reneged on the social payments that were due.

That is the caliber of our allies now, as we back remorseless murderers against a people who just want to be left alone. It was never the intent of the Donbass people to take over Ukraine.

This is not a debate of Western leadership having a morality problem. It is worse… a morality vacuum. And you will notice this never even rises to being a campaign polling question. Whose fault and failure is that? Who can claim such a structure is really a democracy? Our Founding Fathers would be shocked to the coreJim W. Dean ]



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