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Russia’s Troops to Liberate Tskhinvali

Russia's Troops to Liberate Tskhinvali

 The troops of Russia, the units of 38th Army, are liberating South Ossetia's capital Tskhinvali, LIFE.RU reported.
The troops of Russia are liberating Tskhinvali, Georgia is retreating, said independent military expert Zaur Alborov, who is in Tskhinvali now. The operation to block South Ossetia's territory captured by Georgia will be carried out in the nearest hours. The 19th motor rifle division will fight together with the battalion of Russia's peacekeepers to perform this mission.

"Russia won't leave unpunished deaths of our compatriots. The guilty will carry the well-deserved punishment," President Dmitry Medvedev announced during the extraordinary sitting of the RF Security Council.

"The actions of Georgia led to human victims, including amid Russia's peacekeepers... The situation progressed to the extent when peacekeepers of Georgia were firing at Russia's peacekeepers, together with whom they should accomplish their mission of keeping peace in the region," Medvedev emphasized.

The civilians, women, children, old people, are being killed in South Ossetia, and "most of them are the RF residents," the president pointed out.

Armored vehicles of Russia headed for South Ossetia at around 1:00 p.m. Grad missile systems of salvo fire, 122mm/155mm howitzers, armored carriers and tanks are en route to Tskhinvali, moving along the road of Vladikavkaz ridge, which is the only way to reach South Ossetia from North Ossetia.


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