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Netanyahu Threatens to Drop Nuke on Iran and Murder Millions

Posted by Johnny Punish on March 3, 2015

If USA does NOT do as Bibi Wants, a Nuclear Israel Will Go It Alone Against Iran said The Butcher of Gaza at the USA Congress Earlier Today.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-347305" src="" alt="final2" width="800" height="500" />… by Johnny Punish

Today, International War Criminal and Mass Murderer Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. He was invited by U.S. House Speaker John Boehner who took his orders from Israeli Ambassador to USA Ron Dermer.

For Evangelical Christian Right Wingers living in La-La Land, Used Car Salesman Bibi gave them bible references that made them get all wet between the knees screamin’ Halleleuh Jesus is Coming!

For the paid off U.S. Congressmen who did attend (over 50 Democrats boycotted), they got a great show and were ordered to pay hommage to their employer giving him rock start standing ovations last seen by screaming teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert.

For the rest of us in the world, holy crapola!  This sick maniac just threatened to use a Nuke on Iran and told the President of the United States to go Fuck Himself!

First, to paraphrase former nuclear arms negotiator Kaveh Afrasiabi who spoke with RT just a few hours ago;

<img class="alignright wp-image-318048 size-full" src="" alt="nuclearbomboncity" width="280" height="175" />Bibi’s speech was a sad pathetic exercise in deception and should make George Orwell shake in his grave because Netanyahu accused Iran of sparking a Nuclear arms race in the Middle East. This coming from the leader of a rogue nuclear state that refuses international inspection of its nuclear facilities and runs a tyranny prison of over 1 million people in Gaza.

His slimey criminal hands are tainted with blood from thousands of women and children who were slaughtered in cold blood just last summer.  And now he comes to USA to spark more Iran-o-phobia and Islam-o-phobia with this congressional moribund crowd who was his captive audience.

Personally, I am glad over 50 US lawmakers boycotted his highly explosive and partisan speech that is bound to continue a deterioration of relations between the USA and Israel.

He has already alienated the U.S. Democratic Party and forced stanch Israeli supporters like Jewish U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) to choose sides and declare that Netanyahu does speak for her.

This is a major loss for Netanyahu and could have very serious consequences for Israel.  I mean, spitting on your meal ticket is NOT a good idea is it?

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Frankly, Netanyahu may NOT even be Prime Minister in 2 weeks because he just put Israeli’s in harms way by threatening that if the USA does NOT do as he says, he will go it alone!

What exactly does that mean? 

  • I mean, will 5 million Israeli’s put on their war fatigues and attack a country of over 80 million people?
  • Or will Slim Pickens Bibi use NUKES and kill millions of Iranians getting Russian and China involved into a world war?
  • And will the USA actually stand by while he murders millions of innocent Iranians; especially in the face of a strong China and Russia who do business with Iran?
  • And will the USA still back it’s great “friend” in the face of such human contempt and destruction?

The cat is out of the bag now.  This is very serious.  There ain’t no going back now!  Israel either needs to drop a NUKE or get kicked in the nuts by the USA, Russia, China, Germany, and the rest potentially destroying any and all good will it ever had.  Or maybe the last option and only hope Israelis have is to NOT re-elect this maniac and, with great compassion, put the megalomaniac in a mental hospital while giving us a rationale human being to deal with that has respect for humanity.


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