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Charlie Hebdo, Copenhagen.,Oslo, Donbas, Nemtsov-etc.: Netanyahu war crimes?


New book includes suggestions Bibi did Charlie Hebdo massacre

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A mob chieftan crashing his victims’ funeral?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Even as credibly-accused war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu claims re-election in Israel, some analysts are suggesting that the Israeli Prime Minister may have helped orchestrate the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen.

A forthcoming book entitled We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 includes essays arguing that Netanyahu and other extreme-right-wing forces in Israel should be considered leading suspects in the attacks. French philosopher-activist Alain Soral points out that in the summer of 2014, shortly after the Gaza massacre, Netanyahu issued an apparent threat to the government and people of France: Side with Palestine and you will be hit by terrorists. Then on December 2nd – one month before the Charlie Hebdo attack – France’s parliament voted 339 to 151 to recognize Palestine.

As Soral puts it:

“We need to remember the threats of Benjamin Netanyahu, who announced in no uncertain terms that if France recognized the existence of Palestine we would have terrorist attacks in France. He declared to the French people on August 7th, 2014, in an interview with i-Télé: ‘This is not Israel’s battle. It is your battle, it is France’s battle. It they succeed here, if Israel is criticized instead of the terrorists, if we do not stand in solidarity, this plague of terrorism will come to your country.'”

Soral adds:

Who benefits from the double killing of Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Kosher? Cui bono? There is no doubt about it: while traditional France rebelled against Islam, at the exact same moment, François Hollande and Manuel Valls accompanied Benjamin Netanyahu to the Great Synagogue of Paris, where they were greeted with cries of “Long live Israel, Israel will conquer!”

Globalization Studies professor Anthony Hall agrees:

“The convergence of all these many forces seemed to be on display in Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s strange behavior during the official ceremonies of mourning following the murder of twelve people at the head offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in early January. Within hours of the violent episode the alternative media was thick with observations that the whole operation stank of a Mossad-style intervention aimed a cranking up Islamophobia and with it the current round of anti-terrorist initiatives. It seemed that Netanyahu was simultaneously seeking to take credit for the operation while joining in the procession of world leaders marking the occasion.”

Author and journalist Ole Dammegard cites evidence that the Danish and French “terrorist attacks” were false flag operations that followed almost exactly the same script:

“With this Copenhagen attack it’s almost as if they’ve taken it to the next level. This is seventy years since the liberation of Auschwitz, and coming up on seventy years since the end of World War II and the liberation of Denmark and other occupied countries. I think they’re going for the emotional impact, following the problem-reaction-solution template. And the emotion this time is for us to feel sorry for the Jewish population and blame someone else, take the pressure off the state of Israel so they can continue doing what they’re doing.”

“What they’re doing” is expansion, aggression, and war crimes. See my recent Press TV interview:

Israeli regime committed undeniable war crimes: Barrett

Another contributor, Barry Chamish, is a right-wing Israeli himself. But even Chamish admits that Netanyahu looks like a Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen suspect, and that one motive was to attempt to convince European Jews to flee to Israel to solve Zionism’s demographic crisis:

“Netanyahu showed up with a magic message at the funeral. Actually it was at the synagogue, where he invited all French Jews to emigrate to Israel. Now, most Jews don’t want to leave. They’ll wait it out if they can. Well, he considers them stupid. But most potential migrants are going to the United States, they’re not going to Israel. But he was there, giving that message. It bothered me a whole lot. It didn’t look good. It really didn’t . . . You have to understand, Israel’s losing population—an awful lot to the (United) States. You have a few attacks in France, Denmark—Denmark’s minor, 12,000 Jews. France has got 450,000. You can repopulate your country…if it works. Okay? I’m not saying—It’s looking like it’s not going to work terribly well. But if that’s the idea . . . there’s a background to this.”  –Barry Chamish

Netanyahu’s coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman is also a suspect in the Charlie Hebdo attacks. As We Are Not Charlie Hebdo documents, Lieberman secretly visited Paris on December 25th, 2014, less than two weeks before the Charlie Hebdo killings. The purpose of Lieberman’s clandestine trip to Paris was a “confidential” meeting with Mossad officials. The Israeli extremist subsequently responded to the Charlie Hebdo killings by falsely blaming Hamas, then used Charlie Hebdo propaganda in his election campaign more than any other Israeli official or candidate.

Some contributors to We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, including historian Webster Tarpley, dispute the view that the attack was primarily done by Israeli right-wingers led by Netanyahu and Lieberman. According to Tarpley, the shootings in Paris were NATO operations designed to discipline France, whose president, François Hollande, was undermining the NATO Cold War on Russia and opposing the EU’s austerity plans for Italy. Any Israeli participation, according to Tarpley, would have been secondary.

Additionally, some contributors to the book do not interpret it as a likely false flag attack at all. Rabbi Michael Lerner, journalist and Muslim leader Yvonne Ridley, professor Lawrence Davidson, and Islamic scholar and Religious Studies professor John Morrow offer non-mainstream views of the Charlie Hebdo affair that do not consider the possible false-flag angle. Others contributors, like Andre Vltchek, merely entertain the possibility.

But considering the wide variety of viewpoints represented in the book, what is surprising is that so many distinguished contributors think Netanyahu should be investigated for possible complicity in the terrorist attacks that struck Paris on the 7th and 9th of January, 2015. One wonders whether the Israeli voters – or the rigged voting machines – know what kind of man they re-elected.




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