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Ex-Cheney aide: Bush will not attack Iran


Press TV - September 17, 2008

A former adviser to US Vice President Dick Cheney says President George W. Bush will not attack Iran before his term ends in January.

Despite widespread speculation that President Bush would launch a military strike on Iran before leaving office, David Wurmser told the Jerusalem Post that 'No, Bush won't go [to war on Iran].'

Wurmser, who served as Cheney's national security adviser until last year, said, "Two things have to be in place for there to be an attack; that time has run out, and that diplomacy has run out."

According to Wurmser, President Bush does not feel the urgency to strike Iran and believes there is still sufficient time before Tehran achieves nuclear capabilities.

"The feeling to a large extent now is that diplomacy is working," he added.

Wurmser's remarks came following a report that the US has plans to sell Israel 1,000 highly advanced smart bunker-buster bombs, the Guided Bomb Unit (GBU)-39.

GBU-39 bombs, which are capable of penetrating 6 feet (at least 1.8 meters) of reinforced concrete and more than 3 feet (approximately 1 meter) of steel-reinforced concrete, would enable the Israeli Air Force to hit more of Iran's 'numerous, distant, and fortified' nuclear facilities than currently possible.

This comes as speculation is running high that Washington's reluctance to launch a military strike on Iran has prompted Tel Aviv to draw up plans for a unilateral attack, under the pretext that Tehran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), seeks nuclear weaponry.

This is while the UN nuclear watchdog, which has extensively monitored Iran's nuclear activities since 2003, declared in its latest report on Monday that it found no 'components of a nuclear weapon' or 'related nuclear physics studies' in the country.


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