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Harnessing “Black Holes”: The Large Hadron Collider – Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction

Why the LHC must be shut down

By Nina Beety

What would you have done to stop catastrophic events if you knew in advance what you know now.

We have the moral obligation to take action in every way we can. 

The future is in our hands. The stakes are the highest they have ever been. The Large Hadron Collider developed by the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a dangerous instrument. The start-up April 5 has initiated a more reckless use of LHC’s capabilities. 

The Large Hadron Collider – the rationale

The world’s largest supercollider is located at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) in a 17-mile-long tunnel built in a giant circle, buried 330 feet underground. It is beneath the French-Swiss border near Geneva. Total cost: over $9 billion (as of January 2010). It’s been funded by European governments and $542 million from the United States. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was restarted April 5, after a two-year shutdown and a $150 million upgrade.

Inside the LHC, two beams of protons are forced to smash into each other at high speed. The initial goal was to create the so-called “God” particle – Higgs boson — achieved in 2012. Now they hope to recreate the Big Bang, discover dark matter, expose other dimensions and more. To do that, scientists are nearly doubling the power level so the two beams of particles will collide much more violently.

“…Over $9 billion cathedral of science that is apparently, in any practical sense, useless… So many years, so much effort, so much money and material, so much energy and cutting-edge ingenuity. And yet the wizards at the controls aren’t really out to produce anything practical, or solve any urgent human problem…”

“…The physicists at cern have their generous patrons in governments all over the world.

… L.H.C. is a 21st-century cathedral of science, where thousands of passionately devoted, hardworking physicists—monks by any other name—have gathered to experience epiphany and revelation, and continue writing Genesis 2.0….”[1]

Genesis 2.0 is true. The rest are whitewash and lies.

This is the largest and most elaborate scientific enterprise ever built. Governments don’t invest billions and tremendous amounts of time and energy in “useless” theoretical projects unless there’s a very practical reason, a very specific useful intention and goal.

“The goal…is to achieve a deeper, better, truer understanding of the fundamental structure and nature of existence.[2]

The project objectives have been clear all along, including calling Higgs boson the “God” particle and calling one experiment Genesis 2.0. The Large Hadron Collider is about creating life and controlling realities.

The Associated Press reported on April 6 that dark matter is being pursued at CERN, at the international space station, and in an undisclosed underground mine. There seems to be a rush to capture dark matter, implying it is very important.

Governments hope to gain

1)              something that can be monetized and sold to us, making money for the already wealthy and powerful

2)              power and control — being able to control primal forces and unleash those forces at will

3)              weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, that can annihilate with precision

4)              assets, resources, property, real estate, land — creating new life, new planets, new universes, with assets and property to strip and plunder, worlds to conquer, own, rule,  enslave, as well as to escape to after Earth’s demise

History shows that this will be for private and government benefit only.

An LHC sponsor, the United States itself is responsible for more death, destruction, and permanent environmental damage than any other country on Earth. Its objectives are “command and control” and “full spectrum dominance”. That’s how the U.S. uses technologies and knowledge gained. What about the other sponsors?

Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.

Can scientists be trusted?

The popular myth is that science and scientists are objective and neutral, but science is fiercely competitive, even cutthroat. “Science” is often not a pursuit of truth, but a pursuit to be first, to win the biggest grants, to get the best speaking invitations and honors.

Many scientists and their professional organizations cling to “consensus” beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. New evidence-based theories are fought off as fiercely as if they were marauding pirates. Jealous of their rank, privileges, lab space, accolades, benefits, and titles, men and women of science can stoop to petty and even criminal acts to retain their power and position. Watching a colleague fail can be a cause for celebration.

Funding usually comes from the federal government or from industry. Rarely is this about “pure” science. There are objectives. The public welfare is far down the list as a consideration. With the government, science becomes an extension, just as with LHC, to advance national military and security objectives. If scientists stray outside accepted study subjects or find information inconvenient to the sponsors, they can be penalized, sometimes severely. “Publish or perish” means going where the funding is, and staying away from controversy. “Let’s leave it to the scientists” is not a good idea.

LHC construction and operating hazards

The reality of life is that the Earth and the universe are nesting, interconnected, intimate ecosystems. What happens in one place effects everything, because everything is unified together.

First, here are some facts and questions about the Large Hadron Collider regarding its construction:

  • LHC has at least one magnet with a magnetic field 100,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field
    • What impact does that have on the Earth’s self-protective, life-sustaining magnetic fields?
  •  “The huge superconducting magnets that line the LHC’s 27km-long tunnel must be warmed up, slowly and gently, from -271 Celsius to room temperature”[3]. A shutdown and restart can apparently take months.[4]
    • What is the impact of the entire extremely magnetic, super-cooled LHC system on the Earth’s magnetic field?
    • What happens to the Earth and its magnetic fields every time the LHC is turned on?

o   What happens if the magnets are not “slowly and gently” warmed up?

o   What happens if an accident vents the helium and/or causes fire and explosions that rapidly heat up the magnets?

  • LHC’s 17 mile long tunnel is super-cooled with helium. It is one degree colder than outer space, making it the coldest place in the universe.Scientists will smash proton beams together at energies up to 13 trillion electron volts, double the energy used before.
  • What is the impact of having this ultra-cold 17-mile-long environment buried in the Earth?
  • There can be 800 million – 1 billion collisions per second

o   If something goes wrong, how many seconds or minutes does it take to react and shut it down? See below about the September 2008 accident.

o   With hundreds of millions of collisions happening per second, how much damage can be cascading out immediately, too late to stop?

  • The walls of the LHC tunnel are concrete.
  • Inside the LHC tunnel are 1,232 pressurized cylinders (dipoles) positioned end to end. Each cylinder is 50 feet long, 2 feet thick, and weighing 35 tons. A pipe runs through the center of each cylinder, surrounded by “powerful electromagnets” cooled by helium. These pipes are what the particle beams are fired through.
  • When the LHC is turned on, the force inside each dipole “is equal to the power of a 747 taking off”. So, inside the entire 17-mile-long tunnel, which contains 1,232 dipoles, is the force of 1,232 747s taking off.
  • Cables connect these cylinders and carry 11,000 amps of electricity. However, the cables must be super-cooled with helium to give them “super-conductivity” to carry that high amperage. If they aren’t super-cooled, the cables become ordinarily conductive wire, and they cannot handle the 11,000 amps of electricity.
  • An accident on September 10, 2008 from just one incorrect soldered joint.

“Sparks erupted. An intense electrical arc began burning a hole in the dipole’s steel jacket. Pressurized helium [inside the jacket escaped,] turned from liquid to gas and blasted into the tunnel, creating a huge pressure wave.”[5]

No one in the LHC control room knew there was a problem.

“In a domino-like chain reaction, 35-ton dipoles were jerking and smashing against other 35-ton dipoles, some blown two feet off their moorings… In the vicinity of the accident the air had been instantly supercooled by the tons of escaping helium”.

In less than a minute, $40 million dollars of damage was done. But it could have been worse.

The emergency stop button was literally and “fortuitously” pushed by the pressure wave as it went past, and the system shut down. No human or automatic control shut down the system. Only then did the control room know something had happened. However, all they knew was the beam had shut down.

o   If the pressure wave had not shut down the power, what would have been the result, with this 17 mile long tunnel filled with 1,232 pressurized cylinders weighing 35 tons each, with 11,000 amps of electricity running through them, super-cooled and incredibly magnetic?

o   What would have happened to the land above?

o   What would have happened to the Earth?

o   What happens when this powerful beam is no longer going through dipoles but through the concrete into the surrounding earth?

o   And what did happen as a result of this accident? Did it cause fractures in the rock, or cause an earthquake?

o   What was the impact to the two villages that sat atop this disaster, a mere 330 feet above?

o   How could a system be built that has no sensors and no warning systems for situations like this, that deals with this level of electricity, coolant, pressure, and force (see below)? Is this an example of how oblivious these physicists are about reality and proper safety procedures, or of how cock-sure they are that nothing will go wrong?

o   Why have the French and Swiss governments exempted this facility from normal safety requirements such as sensors and warning systems, especially when their citizens are most in danger if something goes wrong?

The process of making the proton streams:

“Atom by atom, the electrons will be stripped from each hydrogen nucleus to create free protons, which will then be beamed into a series of four pre-accelerators of increasing size, one after another, in a kind of loop-de-loop, each pre-accelerator powering the beam up by a factor of 10 or 20 or 30finally up to 3.5 [trillion electron volts] and…7  trillion electron volts. [and now, In 2015, the power will be nearly doubled to 13 trillion electron volts (TeV)] As the energy increases, the beams will narrow, be steered and focused from the main control room, and then be “injected” into the collider.”

The force of the proton stream:

Author Kurt Anderson asked one of the top managers of the accelerator team, Paolo Fessia, if he’d feel a proton beam if it were pointed at him. “’I’ve never thought about that,” he replied. But he said it would bore a quarter-mile-long hole through any material.”[6]

o   Paolo Fessia never thought about the impact of a beam on a human. Yet, he’s building and operating a very powerful machine that could fail. In fact, he’s a top manager at the LHR. He’s a theoretical physicist, maybe sees things as equations, pen and paper problems, but he doesn’t think of real-world consequences. This is another example of CERN’s lack of safety consciousness.

o   This invisible-to-the-eye, infinitesimally tiny stream of protons can bore a quarter mile long hole through any material.

a-    What if the beam is focused in the wrong direction?

b-    The tunnel is only 330 feet below ground. One-quarter mile is 1320 feet. Towns sit above the collider. The beam can easily penetrate the ground and anything above ground up to 1000 feet above the surface, or below ground (aquifer or lake).

c-     This is a perfect military weapon, partially because it’s invisible.

Ironically, the extensive Vanity Fair article quoted here uses several apocalyptic images to describe the LHC, yet all the while downplays risks.

These were just some of the mechanical issues of the LHC, not the experimental goals themselves. Are you alarmed yet?

LHC experimental goals and primal dangers

Tiny but mighty. Paradoxical. Inverse proportion. Atoms stripped down, then smashed and broken down into components that are never ever built to be split off, components that only function properly as a part of a whole atomic ecosystem. How do they function as separate entities? Are they doomed and are we doomed?

The universe, down to our cells and molecules, functions because these atoms are one –  integrated, whole — not pieces. The answers to what might happen with these fundamental particles may be found in poetry, spirituality, metaphysics, biology, relationship dynamics, and sociology. These particles, this matter, will be unbalanced, unattached, unnourished, and separate. They are not built to be separate; they are built to be in a sustaining relationship.

But no one at CERN seems to be “talking” to atoms or asking these questions. LHR “scientists” smash, blast, separate.

LHC Experimental Goals (sources [7]):

  • Higgs boson discovered in July 2012– “a keystone of the whole structure: the Higgs field, associated with Higgs bosons, is imagined to be a kind of subatomic “molasses” that imparts mass to other particles passing through it.”

This Higgs boson is part of the primary sustaining and creation-inducing forces of existence and our reality. Could a weapon utilizing the information from Higgs boson literally be a weapon of mass destruction? Who could withstand it? This is a frightening possibility.

  • Dark matter comprises most of the universe.
  • “Dark matter has revealed itself so far is through the pull it exerts on galaxies…they rotate with such speed that they would tear themselves apart were there not some invisible form of matter holding them together through gravity.”
  • There is so much dark matter, it outweighs by five times the normal matter in the observable universe.
  • “The search for dark matter on Earth has failed to reveal what it is made of, but the LHC may be able to make the substance. If the particles that constitute it are light enough, they could be thrown out from the collisions inside the LHC. While they would zip through the collider’s detectors unseen, they would carry energy and momentum with them.”[8]
  • “Reality on the large scale is dark matter, with visible matter just froth on the substance. So we focus huge efforts on trying to find out if dark matter is a set of many elementary particles, and hope that some of those particles’ properties will also help to explain some other big questions.[9]

These are powerful, powerful substances and forces which are 75% of all matter and hold galaxies together. Scientists are trying to break this open, create it, and claim it.

Weapons that harness dark matter or destroy dark matter would be terrifying. Who could stand against such weapons?

What happens if scientists pull this 75%, much heavier, dark matter into our visible matter existence? Is it really so tiny and light? These scientists are not thinking.

Compared to other forces, Earth’s gravity is “puny”, say LHC scientists. “One explanation…is that we experience only a fraction of the force, with the rest acting through microscopic, curled up extra dimensions of space. “The gravitational field we see is only the bit in our three dimensions, but actually there are lots of gravitational fields in the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, and however many more you fancy,” says Andy Parker, professor of high energy physics at Cambridge University.[10]

What would happen if this explanation were true and these scientists brought into this dimension the full force of gravity?

 “Matter has its equal and opposite anti-matter, and they destroy each other on contact…according to the guiding principle of symmetry, at the moment of the big bang, all the matter and anti-matter should have canceled themselves out, leaving nothing behind. Not only did that not happen—we are among the evidence that it didn’t—but 14 billion years later there is a lot more matter than anti-matter in the universe. Something has to explain that mysterious imbalance, and the betting is that it’s supersymmetry, the idea that for every known particle there’s an as-yet-undetected “superpartner”—and that dark matter consists of those superpartners. There’s a very good chance that the proton collisions at the L.H.C. will create some of those primordial bits.”[11]

They miss the whole aspect of relationship, of the beginning of the universe resembling the creation of children. Indigenous people could inform them that the universe is alive like we are.

  • “Turning up the energy of the LHC may just give scientists an answer to the question of why gravity is so weak.”[12]
  • “The rules of quantum mechanics say that particles behave like waves, and as the LHC ramps up to higher energies, the wavelengths of the particles it collides become ever shorter. When the wavelengths of the particles are small enough to match the size of the extra dimensions, they would suddenly feel gravity much more strongly.”
  • “What you’d expect is that as you reach the right energy, you suddenly see inside the extra dimensions, and gravity becomes big and strong instead of feeble and weak,” says Parker. The sudden extra pull of gravitywould cause particles to scatter far more inside the machine, giving scientists a clear signal that extra dimensions were real.”[13]

Feel gravity much more strongly? Gravity becomes “big and strong”? The sudden extra pull of gravity? How big and strong could this gravity become? Gravity is a fundamental, foundational force of nature, of unimaginable strength. What happens when and if it is dissected from its ecosystem — its balancing ecosystem — to be unbalanced, to be released, to be in uninhibited form? What then? What could happen? What if LHC allowed this force to be weaponized?

  • Extra dimensions –”There could be a whole universe full of galaxies and stars and civilisations and newspapers that we didn’t know about,” says [professor of high energy physics at Cambridge University Andy] Parker. “That would be a big deal.”[14]
  • [British theoretical physicist John]Ellis says, “we can find extra dimensions, black holes, all sorts of weird and wonderful things.”[15]
  • “The start-up had been preceded by some well-publicized hysteria on the fringes, with alarmists worrying that the L.H.C. would create a black hole that could swallow the earth.”
  • “The kind of black holes that Ellis has in mind are harmless ones, microscopic and incredibly short-lived,although produced, if they are produced, by the thousands or millions a year. “That will take time,” says cern’s director general, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, and probably only when the L.H.C. is running at maximum power. But if micro black holes do appear, Ellis says, it would be “fantastically exciting,” since they would imply the existence of additional spatial dimensions beyond the three we know.”

One American filed a lawsuit to stop LHC, saying the Earth could be destroyed if black holes were created — a 50% chance. He was slandered as loony. How do scientists “know” that these black holes would be harmless? That defies logic. Why would these black holes function any differently than black holes in outer space, sucking matter into them? And how would that end for all of us?

Other dimensions are excitedly referred to, but what might exist in these theoretical realms? Forcing open doors into other dimensions without any invitation and without any knowledge of what and who is on the other side is suicidal and potentially omni-cidal.

“Finding new dimensions … may hold the key to creating, at long last, a unified physics that makes sense of both the tiny-scale forces that hold atoms together and the gravity that pulls on everything we can actually see.”[16]

Just because something – an atom — seems tiny to humans is irrelevant. It and the tremendous force that holds it together are tremendously consequential and powerful. Only fools and the arrogant call things “tiny”.

  • Genesis 2.0 –When author Kurt Anderson told physicist Maria Spiropulu that her experiment at LHC is “simulating the conditions” at the beginning of the universe, “she emphatically corrects me. “No—we’re re-creating those conditions. We will find out the fundamental nature of how the universe is created.”

So, these physicists are trying to re-create the conditions for the Big Bang, the initial explosion that possibly created the whole universe with such explosive force that it threw out stars and planets and matter that are stillmoving away from that explosive center billions of years later. These people must be blind to miss the insanity of what they’re attempting to do.

LHC is attempting to create life, create new universes, create new sources of matter for governments and private backers — plunderers’ paradise for the taking, all at the flip of a Big Bang switch. If those universes contain life-forms, those also can be plundered, enslaved, put in zoos and private collections, dissected, and experimented on.

What tools and weapons of horror could be created out of the elemental forces LHC is unleashing? Governments that freely use white phosphorus, cluster bombs and munitions, land mines, Agent Orange, napalm, atomic weapons, sonar, depleted uranium, electromagnetic and frequency weapons, chemical and biological agents, and allow devastating destruction to the Earth have shown that there is no limit to what they will use.

“As knowledge has dramatically grown—thanks to particle physicists opening the smaller and smaller dolls, and to astrophysicists measuring the distances and movements and energies of stars—so has our awareness of the vastness of our ignorance.”[17]

But this awareness hasn’t created humility. The knowledge they seek is a mirage, which recedes faster and faster the harder they chase it. Worse than that, this knowledge is also a path to destruction.

These people of LHC and the sponsoring governments are pursuing forces that are the glue of life, through which we exist. Forces to create and forces to annihilate. These barbarians have no idea what they are smashing. The pursuit of ultimate knowledge, ultimate power, to control the destinies and future of everything — that always brings ruin.

Tiny and mighty, atoms stripped down to their primal forces — only the arrogant, the evil, the addicted, or the insane pursue such potentially life-ending folly, flinging open doors to other domains with no care about what might be waiting on the other side, doors that no one invited them to open.

If we ever interact with these dimensions, it will be because we were invited.

You cannot understand life by pulling it apart. You cannot know about life by destroying it. You only know life by relationship – biophilia.[18]

But some at CERN do not think any of this is special.

[Cambridge University PhD student] Thibault Mueller:

“We (have established) that we as a species are not special, the Earth is not special, our Solar System is not special. Now we are saying: ‘Ah! Our Universe is not that special either’.”[19]

That’s how a living universe can be smashed and disassembled. Because, at least for some, it has no special value, it does not create awe, it is not something to be cherished. These are the people that hold our lives and the future in their hands.

The public is strangely silent about the LHC. I have quoted Vanity Fair and the Guardian articles – each has a huge readership. The LHC has been written about for years. Why isn’t the public completely outraged by this project? Are people asleep? The severe and catastrophic problems with this project are easily visible. It doesn’t take an advanced degree or education. It just takes common sense. Have people become so brain-washed that “science knows best” or “scientists would never do wrong” or “governments fund research for the good of the public”?

Those who see must act. Because of these severe issues, the Large Hadron Collider, the CERN complex, and all related ventures and colliders must be shut down now, with all equipment and complexes dismantled completely.

Look at the dangers. Look at what’s at stake. I’ll repeat: we have the moral obligation to take action in every way we can, based on the knowledge we have at this point in time. The alternative is looking back from the future, if there is one, and seeing a horrible disaster that we might have prevented if we’d only taken action.

The future is in our hands. The stakes are the highest they have ever been. The Large Hadron Collider is a dangerous instrument wielded by men and women seeking ultimate knowledge and power. The start-up April 5 has initiated a more reckless use of LHC’s capabilities, endangering all life including our universe.

Spouses and family members of the CERN scientists, energy companies supplying electricity to this facility, environmental and spiritual organizations, and citizens in every country – we must shut this project down now.



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