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AIPAC and Zionist Regime Bleed Again–Two Cheers

Posted by Jonas E. Alexis on June 19, 2015

Former C.I.A. Michael Scheuer: The U.S. needs to dump Israel.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Who says that AIPAC cannot politically bleed? Who says that the Jewish Lobby cannot be challenged? If you are one of those people, then pay attention. Just a few days ago,

“[T]he pro-war lobbying organization AIPAC was defeated on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 126 to 302. Among Democrats, 40 supported the pro-AIPAC position and 144 opposed it. Among Republicans, 86 supported the pro-AIPAC position and 158 opposed it.

“The pro-AIPAC position in the House vote was to support the Senate’s language on Trade Adjustment Assistance. Under the voting procedures passed by the House Republican leadership, a yes vote in the House on the Senate’s TAA language was necessary in order for the House to pass the Senate’s version of fast track trade negotiating authority to pre-approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership. When TAA was defeated in the House, fast track was defeated in the House.

“The Senate’s version of fast track trade negotiating authority contained an AIPAC-sponsored provision making it U.S. policy to oppose European restrictions on trade with illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank.

“So when fast track was defeated in the House, AIPAC was defeated in the House.”[1]

Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy has recently written:

“I am frequently asked: How powerful is AIPAC in Washington really? My answer: Not so powerful that it cannot be beaten—if we choose our battles correctly.”[2]

This is absolutely correct.  After all, the Dreadful Few, though they have troops all over the country, are the minority. We are the majority. If we stick to the moral and political law and order, if we abide by reason and select a serious politician to execute the moral and political order, then AIPAC will no longer have power over us. We know that the Dreadful Few cannot stand reason, and we know that they will drop their last sweat to fight against it.

For example, right before the UN released its report that Israel was obviously involved in war crimes in 2014, Israeli officials quickly defended their diabolical operation by saying that it was a “moral war” which they said was in accordance with international law.[3]

How does that work? You slaughtered innocent men, women and children; you destroyed or demolish at least 1,117 Palestinian homes and displaced at least 110 Palestinians;[4] you bombed children playing soccer on a beach;[5]  and you continue to destroy “around a thousand olive and almond trees belonging to local farmers on the grounds that they were illegally planted on state land.”[6] But all of that was in accordance with international law!

That, indeed, is worse than stupid, and I am not sure if the English language has a vocabulary for that.

It gets worse. In 2009,

“Israeli artillery shells struck the U.N. headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, setting a food warehouse ablaze and drawing a sharp rebuke from the visiting U.N. chief who called it an ‘outrage…’

“After nightfall, shells landed near Gaza City’s Quds Hospital, where many families had sought refuge, and the building caught fire, forcing staff to evacuate hundreds of people. According to a hospital medic, some patients were pushed down the street on gurneys; a few held white flags.

“The destruction added to what aid groups say is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and ratcheted up tensions between Israel and the international community even as diplomats indicated progress in cease-fire talks.

“The U.N. compound, made up of workshops and warehouses as well as offices, was struck about a half-dozen times over a roughly two-hour period while more than 700 civilians were sheltering there, said John Ging, head of Gaza operations for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency.

“The civilians were huddling in the compound’s vocational training center when it was struck by a tank round or an artillery shell, causing the three injuries, Ging said. Throughout this time, he said, U.N. officials were frantically contacting Israeli officials to urge an end to the firing on the U.N. compound.”[7]

Last year, Israel repeated almost the same thing:

“United Nations officials accused Israel of violating international law after artillery shells slammed into a school overflowing with evacuees…an attack that Palestinian and U.N. officials said killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens as they slept.

“It was one of the worst mass-casualty incidents of the three-week war. The building was the sixth U.N. school in the Gaza Strip to be rocked by explosions during the conflict.”[8]

Isabel Kershner, an Israeli writing for the New York Times, implicitly sanctioned those diabolical operations by saying that Israel was defending itself against Hamas.[9]

So, no price is too high for the Zionist Mafia. Thousands upon thousands of people have to die in order to bring about their diabolical plan. If you think this is just rhetoric, ask Madeleine Albright:

<iframe width="500" height="375" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

How could Madeleine and others not see that this would obviously engender anti-Jewish reaction? Once again, doesn’t Charles Murray tell us that the Dreadful Few are bright?[10] Is Anti-Jewish reaction that hard for the Dreadful Few to understand?

As it turns out, the Dreadful Few do not want to understand the real issue because that would get them into trouble. If Paul Eisen is right—that “anti-Semitism” is “Goyim reaction to bad Jewish behavior”—then bad Jewish behavior is the enemy of the Jewish people and not the Goyim’s reaction to it.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-361562" src="" alt="israel" width="789" height="365" />

This bad Jewish behavior seems to be in every mind at this present moment. Alon Ben-Meir, Senior Fellow at Center for Global Affairs, has recently written in the Huffington Post that “the U.S. must stop enabling Israel.”[11] Ben-Meir uses this powerful analogy which certainly makes sense:

“[I]f my friend is addicted to drugs, there quickly comes a point where readily giving him money (in the Israeli-U.S. situation, providing Israel with military aid, economic assistance, and especially political cover) is directly contributing to the continuation of this devastating habit..

“It is precisely in the name of friendship that I must refuse to give that which my friend so ardently desires. Such a policy of ‘tough love’ is never easy or pleasant…

“Every day that the U.S. allows the continuation of the occupation, it is inadvertently compromising Israel’s national security, even though the U.S. is committed to safeguard that very thing. Israel is digging itself deeper while the U.S. remains its protector and the prospect for a two-state solution becomes dimmer, threatening Israel’s very existence as a Jewish and democratic state.

“The U.S. must no longer give Israel a blank check, hoping that it will use it wisely. Israel has failed that test and the U.S. is becoming as a result complicit in Israel’s self-destructive policy. Given that the U.S. has a moral and material stake in Israel’s wellbeing and is committed to its preservation, it must be in a position to shape and influence Israel’s conduct, particularly in relation to its conflict with the Palestinians.

“There are those who argue that Israel is a sovereign state and no other country, including the U.S., can dictate what Israel can or cannot do. The problem is that Israel depends on the U.S. politically, and to safeguard its national security, and cannot at the same time defy the U.S. and continue to expect this unconditional support.”[12]

So, should the U.S. dump the Israelis? Well, former C.I.A. Michael Scheuer would say yes:

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